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Is this the iPhone 5 Apple will be launching this year?

Could this be it? Is this the new iPhone, possibly named the iPhone 5, Apple’s got in store for us this 2012? We’ll probably never know until the big day arrives.

But for discussion’s sake, let’s just say it is. What do these snapshots say about the iPhone 2012 edition?

Well, for one thing, metal is coming to the iPhone. It won’t, however, be completely clad in metal, as you can see in the photo above, though most of it will be.

And as 9to5Mac reports, the front glass panel on this purported iOS device can accommodate a much longer display, supporting rumors the next iPhone will, for the first time, boast a 4-inch display.

Also, it looks like the iPhone will be following in the footsteps of the  iPod touch, sporting a 3.5mm jack on the bottom, instead of on top.

And unless my eyes are deceiving me, it appears they’ve ditched the 30-pin connector port with this one too, marking the end of an era and the start of a new one for iOS devices.

My guess is the bottom port on this alleged new iPhone will be for a micro-USB cable. Too good to be true? Possibly, but remember, over in Europe, they’ve already passed a law mandating that all phone makers use micro-USB as the standard for chargers. So this could be Apple finally complying with that order.

Anyway, all these have yet to be confirmed so let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this bit of news.

But since we’ve already broached the hypothetical situation that if this were true, let’s get your two cents on this purported new iPhone design – thumbs up or thumbs down on this new look for the iPhone?

Allan David

Allan David

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    • Messie|

      I don’t know. The above design doesn’t feel very Apple for me. Yes, though Mr. Jobs may no longer be in the helm, it is rumored that he was still very much involved in the development of the next iPhone. Another thing, I am still very doubtful that Apple will be ditching the 30 pin connector. Parang malabo talaga iyan.


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