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Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 acting up?

If you’re one of the (apparently quite numerous) Galaxy S3 owners who have been experiencing mysterious and annoying freezes, crashes and errors on your phone in the past few months, then you need to read this.

My personal S3 started acting a little weird a month or two ago. It would slow down and stutter for no reason, and or there would be a mysterious blue flash on the screen that didn’t quite look normal, or it would just plain outright stall and lock up and freeze whatever was on the screen, requiring a reset or battery pull.

I compared notes with a friend (we’ll call him Billy) who also had an S3 and he was experiencing the same symptoms, only on a much more frequent scale. The phone was pretty much unusable as it would lock up on him every time he required it to do something particularly demanding or processor intensive. Both of us tried the obvious (uninstall the most recently added apps, reinstall from scratch, erase and start over, etc) but the phones would even lock up after a total reformat, at the introductory Samsung logo, with no accounts configured or third party apps installed.

Billy did a lot of research on the forums and tried different things and ultimately decided to send his unit back to Samsung Philippines for replacement. In the meantime, I loaned him my S3 since I was using another phone for review purposes.

Then Billy came across this post on the XDA Developers Forum. Without getting too technical about it, the post suggested that he install a Dummy File Generator (!!) app from the Play Store which would fill up the phone’s memory with a temporary file. The act of repeatedly filling the memory and deleting the dummy file would supposedly help cure the S3′s ailments.

With nothing to lose, Billy tried it on my S3 and after running the process two or three times, the errors and crashes magically disappeared!

Samsung then sent back his “repaired” S3 and Billy was a little peeved to find that it still showed the same problems, right out of the box. He tried the dummy file method on this unit and although it took five or six attempts to fully rid the unit of its symptoms, that phone is now working fine as well.

If all of the above sounds familiar to you and you’ve tried everything else, give it a shot. It worked for us and it might do the trick for you.



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