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Jabra Clear Review: Loud and Clear and Reliable

Sometimes the only headset you need is the one you never even think about. The Jabra Clear is surprisingly “just there” when worn on either your left or right ear. I found I could disregard the manual and just activate the Clear, let my smartphone detect it, and do the pairing there and then. And there and then is what you need when you take Skype calls while roaming the office, your smartphone two or three rooms away – the Clear remains clear at that distance. Oh, and you can pair this with a secondary device.

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The Jabra Clear is unobtrusively tiny.

The person on the other end of the line could hear my voice clearly, and so I proceeded to tell her about the happiness-junkie that is my kitten, who was meowing loudly in the background during the call. There is only so much the noise filter feature of the Jabra Clear could block out, like echoes, because any distinctively loud sound in the background gets picked up – like my meowing cat, or a nearby passing campaign vehicle playing out a jingle for a candidate you wish had died the weekend before this one.

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Volume rocker on one side.

But for the most part, my voice came through clearly. You can just imagine what this would be like if you were in a quiet room.

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Micro USB port for charging, up top.

Oh and one charge lasts the whole day and even beyond, despite what the website says about six hours of talk time. But then I don’t do phone and over-the-web calls all day. Had I worked in a heavy voice comm setting, like if I owned and managed a catering service or an events management firm – I’d probably have pushed that six hour stamina boundary.

Jabra Clear Specs Sheet

HD Voice technology for an enhanced sound experience
Stream multimedia – GPS , music and podcasts – directly to your headset
Status Display – visual battery and connectivity status indicator
Easy to use with accessible on/off slider and answer/end button
Automatic Volume adjustment for added convenience
Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time
Supports Bluetooth 3.0, Automatic Pairing
Connects two devices simultaneously
Spoken battery status and connectivity
Omni Directional and Noise Filtering Microphone
Comfortable fit with Jabra Ultimate Fit Eargels
Allows USB charging, features battery status indicator and charge alert
Smartphone car charger included
Weight 9.5 grams, Length 54 mm, Width 17 mm, Depth 24 mm
Comes in Jabra Clear (Black) and Jabra Clear White
SRP Php2,450.00

Jabra Clear Review on

Barely there. Wearing the Jabra Clear is tech model Deni Villanueva.

Some of us have overlarge phones that may not be conveient to pull out in a crowded street or in a standing-room-only-and-sardine-packed train car. That’s where the Jabra Clear shines. You don’t look like a hearing disabled because the Clear clearly comes off with a stylish though low key design. And you don’t look like a millenial hipster because the colors are toned-down executive-conservative.

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Above is the HTC Butterfly paired with the Jabra Clear. That’s one long smartphone I don’t want to pull out in a moving crowd just to answer a call.

Controls and Buttons

The controls are as intuitive as intuitive comes. You can configure the Jabra Clear for weaing on either left or right ear. You just need to adjust the ear hook (or eargel) and for the speaker to nestle slightly into your ear. The soft rubbery skin of the hook and the eargel means you’re not hosting a plastic or metal thing that’s weighing down on your ear. Unlike some wireless audio headsets that weigh down on your ear, once the Clear is settled, you hardly remember it’s there.

Until that call you have to take.

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Clearly, what you see here is what you need.

The buttons remind me of the compact media player designs of old –  functional, there when you need it, unobtrusive – power toggle near the top, volume rocker on the side, the upper surface of the part that faces away from you as a button you can softly press to take or end a call. Unlike the Android device I paired this with, the HTC Butterfly, there’s nothing to fiddle with. Pair it, wear it, make or that call.

What Comes with the Kit

The boxed kit comes with two ear hooks and two eargels plus a normal speaker rubber cover. There’s also a charger with micro USB plug compatibility and a car charging adaptor; so you can charge either from a wall socket or through your computer or even in your car. That means, plus that battery status indicator, you have no excuse for a low batt headset.

Jabra Clear Review on

The Jabra Clear package contents.

Jabra is associated with posh and premium lifestyle audio gear, for good reason, and though the Jabra Clear is not as state of the art as the Jabra Motion, it clearly gets the job done. My only gripe and fantasy is for this convenient one-ear headset to give me stereo sound. Oh well. You Clearly can’t have everything.

Details on the Jabra Clear here, and more on the entire Jabra range of audio products here.

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