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LifeProof iPhone 4S case review

Typically, whenever I hear the words “Ruggedized case”, pictures of bulky and unwieldy cases comes to mind. In the same vein, whenever I hear “water proof cases” being discussed, I can’t help but be reminded of those awful plastic pouch type cases that passes off as water proof these days.

When I came across the LifeProof line of iPhone 4S cases, I was both amazed and skeptical at the same time. Can a case this thin and unassuming case be as shockproof and waterproof as it claims to be?

What's inside the package: LifeProof case, cleaning cloth and water proof headphone adapter

The LifeProof case is made out of two parts, a front and back cover which can be seamlessly attached to an iPhone. The case itself is hard and stiff yet maintains a very smooth surface that is surprisingly easy to grip. The front of the LifeProof case is covered by a very clear plastic membrane. Looking at the case from the outside, the LifeProof case seems to be totally sealed, even the camera hole is sealed up by clear glass.

Size comparison between a naked iPhone and an iPhone inside the LifeProof case

One would assume that a 100% sealed case like LifeProof will have problems with the volume of the mic and speaker as well as access to the iPhone’s button. Upon testing, I found out this is not the case. The speaker from the iPhone remained as audible as it was without the case and the mic pick-up remained unaffected. All of the buttons were still easy to push and even the mute toggle switch was quite responsive. Unlike some of the ruggedized casing out in the market, LifeProof’s plastic membrane covering the screen proved to NOT be a hindrance to the phone’s usability. I was absolutely surprised that my iPhone’s screen was still quite responsive, it was like there was no plastic membrane cover at all.

iPhone inside the LifeProof case placed beside a naked iPhone

I’ve been using the LifeProof case for days now, and I can easily testify that it has lived up to its claims of being tough and dust proof. Nary a speck of duct can be seen inside the case and it has successfully protected my iPhone on a couple of occasions that I accidentally dropped it on a cement floor. But is the LifeProof case waterproof? Check out this short video that I made to find out.

I’ve never been this impressed with a mobile phone case. The LifeProof iPhone 4S case lives up to the hype! No other ruggedized case in the market is this impressive. It offers a ton of protection while maintaining a relatively slim profile. Priced at $79.99 USD, it definitely is worth it. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it isn’t locally available yet.

Price: $79.99 USD (Approx. Php 3,550)

Availability: Online


  • Slimmest ruggedized case in the market
  • 100% water proof, dust proof and shock proof
  • Reasonably priced considering what it offers
  • Easy to use. Just snap the two pieces over the iPhone and you’re done!


  • None


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