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Mohzy Loop USB Cable – Melding fashion and functionality

Now this is a product that I can really get behind: wearable tech!

By design, the Mohzy Loop cable looks like a colorful baller band, it has a bunch of design options that clashes well with everyday clothes, turning it into an everyday fashion accessory. Heck, even a geeky fella such as myself wouldn’t mind wearing a Mohzy as a bracelet. But what truly makes the Mohzy Loop cable special is that it’s actually a full fledged USB cable that can be looped on just about anything that has a small enough of a circumference.

Look at all the colors and designs!

The Mohzy Loop cable is a micro USB sync & charge cable that has magnets on both ends which allows for it to be snapped together to form a circle. Depending on the disposition of the owner, one can wear the Mohzy as a bracelet, loop it around a bag strap. or hang it over anything that it can fit. The possibilities are endless.

Since most gadgets nowadays can be charged over a micro USB port, the decision to go the micro USB route is a practical one. Most smartphones nowadays uses a single micro USB port for syncing and charging. Apple users fret not, Mohzy has included in the package a micro USB to iPod dock connector adapter.

The Mohzy Loop, charging my extra battery via micro USB

Personally, in my daily commuter bag, I carry both an iPod dock connector cable and a micro USB cable at all time. I’m a gadget freak and all of my devices needs to be charged even while I’m on the go. The Mohzy Loop is a neat solution for me as I don’t have to carry two cables with me. The downside is that with carrying only the Loop cable and the included dock connector to micro USB adapter, I can only charge one device at a time.  Still, that’s a compromise that I’m willing to take as the novelty to loop around the Mohzy cable on my wrist, bag hooks or key ring is something that I definitely won’t get tired of.

Charging my iPhone 4S using the Mohzy Loop and the bundled micro USB to iPod dock connector adapter


The Mohzy Loop is a product that’s definitely in the “I want” category. It’s not a requisite for my daily gadget needs. Truth be told, I already have a bunch of micro USB and iPod cable cluttering my home and office space and with the Mohzy Loop priced at Php 650, it’s really not a practical buy. But as I’ve said, the novelty of actually wearing the cable or using it as a functional bag decor is really something that’s hard to resist. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s just so functionally cool and looks oh so damn pretty.

  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • It’s basically a 2 in 1 cable (micro USB and iPod dock connector)
  • Lots of ways to use the looping functionality
  • Way more expensive than ordinary cables

Php 795


Coming soon to all local Apple Premium Resellers



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