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Momax iPower Tough review

No matter how great the feature or how high the specs, one thing that most smartphone have in common is short battery life. The portable battery pack has therefore become ubiquitous with smartphone owners, with notable brands like Mili and Mipow vying for market share.

Momax, one of the more low-key manufacturer of portable battery packs has come out with a new battery pack with a nice feature and design twist.

Inside the package: Momax iPower Tough, carabineer hook, a long micro USB cable and a short micro USB cable

The Momax iPower Tough is a 6,000 mAh powered, dual-USB portable charger. Both the USB charging ports on the iPower Tough have enough output to charge a power-hungry iPad and is in fact capable of charging two devices simultaneously.

As per most battery packs, the Momax iPower Tough is charged via a micro USB cable. During testing, I was able to charge my iPhone 5 roughly three times using the iPower Tough. Charging time for the iPhone 5 was roughly on par with using an AC plug as it was fully charged from 0% to 100% in 2 hours.

The power button and power level indicator

Considering that the iPower Tough has a 6,000 mAh battery housed inside, it is relatively compact and can be comfortably held like one would a flashlight. And surprise surprise, the iPower Tough does in fact also function as an LED flashlight. Double pressing the power button will toggle the LED bulb on and off while doing a press-and-hold on the power button will show the power level of the iPower Tough and commence charging.

Living up to its namesake, the iPower Tough has a tough external body that’s water resistant and dust proof. It even comes with a carabiner hook so that it can be easily clipped on to a bag or belt loop.

two USB ports and the micro USB charging port located beneath a sealed cover


The Momax iPower Tough may not be the first ruggedized portable battery charger to hit the market, but it is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing and with the most compact form factor to date. Some 6,000 mAh of charging power coupled with the practicality of being ruggedized and with the secondary LED flashlight functionality is more than enough to justify it’s asking price of Php 3,450.


Php 3,450


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