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MS Office iPad app in the works?

Before you MS Office-dependent iPad owners out there get too excited with the prospect of having your fave productivity suite become available at the App Store, we must caution you, there’s a bit of controversy here.

The pic above and news about MS Office finding its way to the iPad is all courtesy of The Daily, who got the lowdown on the purported app straight from a Microsoft employee who demoed the app for them.

But it didn’t take long for Microsoft to squash the report. A spokeswoman for the Redmond-based company said “The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation,” and further added the Office app pictured was “not Microsoft’s software.

So it’s a closed book then, right?

Not quite.

Microsoft didn’t actually refute the story that an MS Office iPad app is in the works, and as far as the claim that the pictured app isn’t Microsoft’s software, well, tech editor of The Daily Peter Ha said “the launch screen may not be final, but the app itself is real.

So it could totally be possible that the spokeswoman may not have been privy to the development of the app, and may have made a judgement call based on what she only knows. Or maybe someone’s just working on a secret MS Office iPad app without the proper authorization from the big bosses? Nah, it’s prolly more of the former rather than the latter.

Anyway, we’ll see. In due time.

via NYTimes

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