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Mutewatch – a discreet time piece for the urban hipster

I’m not fond of watches, but I’ve fallen in love with the Mutewatch.

The last watch I wore were those Casio digital watches with built-in games which my dad used to buy me like twice a year. This was during my pre teen years. With the advent of the pagers and cellphones, having a separate gadget solely to tell the time seemed pretty redundant to me. The Mutewatch, a product of Swedish engineering, has successfully convinced me to start the habit of wearing a watch.

What made me change my mind? It’s the physical design for starters. On the outset, the Mutewatch looks pretty much like a thick baller band. I’m not sure what material the watch is made of, but the surface is very smooth and a bit rubbery. It’s also very much splash resistant and very easy to clean. I’ve clumsily poured soy sauce and ketchup on it and all it took was a swipe of a semi wet tissue to have it back in pristine condition. A watch collecting friend of mine (who’s been constantly bugging me to sell him my Mutewatch) thinks that the Mutewatch is made out of some kind of resin.

It’s ironic that even though the mutewatch is very simple in design, it still manages to attract a lot of attention. Every person who has seen me wearing it has always commented on how nice it looks. I have the grey colored one, but the white or red colored Mutewatch looks equally as swanky. In hindsight, I think I should have gone for the white one–it might be a better color mix for my skin tone.

As a timepiece, the Mutewatch hits all the right spots as far as geek cred is concerned. The display is actually a capacitive touch screen which automatically turns on (to display the time) at a flick of a wrist. When I say “flick”, I don’t mean flailing your arms up and down seizure-like, “flick” as in rotating your arm about 90 degrees. Once the display is on, I can easily swipe at the screen to cycle through and set the alarm and stop watch functions. Being capacitive in nature, the display is pretty responsive and fast.

The UI of the Mutewatch is pretty straightforward. A swipe on the screen to cycle through the time, alarm and stop watch. To change the value or activate the alarms, simply tap and hold on the display until the light blinks on the screen and then adjust the time/alarm/stop watch by tapping on the edges of the display to change the value. The commands are pretty easy to remember.

One of the reasons why it’s called the Mutewatch is because of the silent alarm function. The Mutewatch makes no sound and every prompt or alarm is conveyed through vibrations. The vibrating alarm can be set to either short or long durations and the intensity of the vibration is automatically adjusted depending on whether the wearer is active or not. The Mutewatch is equipped with a motion detector that will automatically adjust the strength of vibration. If the wearer is moving, the vibration will be stronger so there’s a better chance of the wearer to notice the vibration.

The built-in USB charging plug found underneath the strap

On a full charge, the Mutewatch can run up to a full week depending on the frequency one uses the vibrating alarm function. When battery is low, there will be a warning prompt on the display and charging the Mutewatch is as easy as plugging it into a live USB port via its built-in USB plug. The act of charging the Mutewatch can be a bit frustrating though, as the USB port is located on the underside of the strap, I have to pull back the strap to connect it to a USB port. Since the strap is a bit stiff, it can push against the USB port causing it to be disconnected. I have to constantly monitor the Mutewatch when charging and make sure it’s connected properly. Thankfully, it only takes a couple of hours to charge the Mutewatch to full.


It may sound cliché, but the Mutewatch is a perfect blend of form and function. It not only looks good on my wrist, but it is also an excellent (and discreet) watch. At the price of $259 USD, I wouldn’t call the Mutewatch expensive, but I imagine there would be some people who would balk at that price. But trust me, $259 USD for this is pretty much worth it. I can only sing praises for it! Currently, the Mutewatch is not locally available. I hope some enterprising individually brings this into the country.

  • Looks pretty stylish
  • Capacitive display very bright and responsive
  • Vibrate function and motion sensor simply works
  • Reasonably long battery life
  • Charges very fast
  • Can be a bit difficult to charge as the built-in USB push has a tendency to disconnect due to the strap pushing against the USB port

The MuteWatch is now available at select Digital Walker outlets (Trinoma, Virra Mall, Eastwood and Alabang Town Center) and is priced at Php 12,950



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    • azeroth|

      Good thing you decided to raffle this one. Very exciting.

    • guys from a digital walker branch were kind to let me wear a unit. i’m about to buy it but my problem is the lock. if you’re a “magalaw” type of person, this watch may fell off since it’s not a buckle type of watch.


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