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New Google Menu Bar Rolling Out

If you’re a regular searcher — and by that I don’t mean searcher as in a dating show — then you’d probably be very familiar with the pervasive black Google menu bar on top of your web page. Heck, if you do Gmail you’d be so used to its presence.

Well, Google is rolling out the next phase in its integrative redesign, and this involves making the Google experience come closer to its own Chrome browser. This means getting rid of that pitch-black bar altogether in favor of a simplified and minimalist menu on top.

Let’s hear it straight from Google:



When Larry Page retook the CEO title at Google, he made it clear that he wanted all Google services to blend together into a seamless experience. And Google has been doing a great job with that, with this being the next iteration in the process.

One thing: Google seems bent on pushing its own Google+ social networking service to as many people as possible. putting its Share button right up there in that precious upper-right corner real estate. Google+ has its own fans, but they tend to be niche-y geeks… and its numbers are nowhere near that of Facebook. And probably never will be. But Google is trying.

The new look is rolling out as we speak, and should hit our neck of the woods sometime soon.




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