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New iPad (iPad 3) Unboxing

Got a brand new iPad with me!

It’s white, 64GB, with 4G LTE/Wifi connectivity. The unit is from Singapore, and the 4G is apparently the AT&T variant, as that is what Apple is releasing internationally at the moment, as far as I understand. (Good, it’s got a better chance of being compatible with Smart‘s implementation of LTE, when they finally get around to hooking up LTE in a big way.) I”ll do the review in a day or two, we’ll just have the unboxing ceremonies for today; this entry is moderately photo-heavy as a result.

First off, the box is nearly identical to the previous iPad 2 release, as it is nearly identical to everything else with this new release (Why screw up a good thing, am I right?), save for the fact that the new iPad box is a little bigger than the previous one.¬†Aside from being bigger and slightly heavier, the only difference is the artwork on the front of the box, as far as I can tell, and the difference is so subtle you might miss it: the wallpaper of the screen on the new iPad is a nice vibrant blue, as opposed to the iPad 2′s water droplet wallpaper on the box cover. And on the bottom part of the box, instead of the Apple logo, there is an iCloud logo instead.

So you open up the box, and the new iPad is there, wrapped snugly in its plastic wrapper. Underneath in their separate receptacles you have the 30-pin sync cable and the charging pod and wall adaptor, and a small enclosure that contains the obligatory Apple decals, some sparse documentation and a paper clip-like tool for opening the SIM port. That’s it. Just like the iPad 2′s.

I did notice that the sync cable is a bit thicker, with larger, expanded stress relievers at the ends. I guess Apple is making an effort to make the sync cable tougher and more durable than it used to be. That’s great; I’ve had a few sync cables give up the ghost in the past, and this is a welcome improvement. The charger is the same old charger it’s always been. Out of the box, the new iPod was partially charged to 78%. Apparently it takes longer for this iPad to charge; we’ll find out how long in a few days.

An initial comparison with my 32GB 3G/Wifi black iPad 2 didn’t seem to show any differences. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. Yes, the new iPad is a bit thicker and heavier, but at this level, side by side, you can’t really tell the difference. Not until you turn the new one on.

My lord. It’s true, you can’t appreciate the new Retina display until you actually see it for yourself. What previously was fine for the iPad 2 suddenly looks positively shabby. It’s like you put on glasses and see your iPad screen for the first time. You can’t tell the pixels apart, and text looks like it’s actually on paper. The photos in iPhoto looks like they were in a quality-printed coffee table book. And yes, the lower left back part of the iPad now gets a little bit warm, but not uncomfortably so.

Anyway, this is just an unboxing post; the actual review will come out a couple of days later. Suffice it to say, I’m not going to get much sleep in the next few days.



Adel Gabot is a freelance writer, editor, teacher and Palanca award-winning fictionist. In his spare time he loves Macs, his iPad and iPhone, old Sean Connery 007 movies, Stephen King books, his Kindle Paperwhite, his Nexus 7, his video games, Green Tea ice cream, Aeropressed coffee and a good Merlot. His favorite noodles: Ma Mon Luk mami.

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    • tineann|

      I really like the way you write things, I’m here at my office table, but I felt like I was the one doing the unboxing myself. Nice!

      now back to drooling. =))

    • Messie|

      iPad2 arrived in the Philippines, (IIRC) May 1st of last year. Will it be the same for iPad3? =/

      Hope it is!

    • Tineann, thanks for the compliment!

      Messie, we sure hope so. Or even earlier. But who can tell, right?


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