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Nokia Lumia 510: Ultra Entry Level Windows Phone

With the Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia brings down the price (SRP P7,300) and compromises the specs and the tactile feel of its most affordable Windows Phone. The result is that the Lumia 510 clearly shares some of the physical attributes of the higher end Lumias, and the OS clearly resembles the current version of the Windows Phone OS, which is 8.

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A cute lock screen. One of the simple joys of having a Windows Phone.

With the 510, it seems that Nokia wants the man on the street to experience a Windows phone without the saving up pains and the credit card drains, and the 510’s specs and precarious balance between cheap and respectable build speak worlds: it’s a strategy to bait away the budget-conscious from the flood of impossibly good-spec’d but low priced Android handsets.

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Sample macro shot using the Nokia Lumia 510. You clearly need a lot of light to get a decent shot, but too much harsh daylight and you get washed out pics. But if you're patient, you can get some good food shots.

Nokia Lumia 510 Specs

4″ TFT capacitive display (480 x 800 pixels) 233ppi
Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon 800 MHz Cortex-A5
Adreno 200 GPU, 256 MB RAM
4GB of internal storage, no microSD slot
5 MP autofocus camera, no front-facing camera
FM radio, Preloaded Nokia Apps and MS Office
Li-Ion 1300 mAh battery
Runs Windows Phone 7.8
dimensions: 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.5 mm
weighs 129 g

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Plastic back of the Nokia Lumia 510. You can take that off with a fingernail.


The Price. SRP is P7,300.

Windows Phone 7.8, which now looks a lot like the tile screen of the Windows Phone 8. So you don’t feel your OS is so last week.

Display is surprisingly “sufficient”. I was expecting worse. Viewing angles are acceptable.

Specs are enough to run the OS smoothly, most of the time.

Battery life is okay.

Nokia Lumia 510 Review on

Back cover removed; battery and micro SIM slot (partially) revealed.


The 256MB of RAM means you can’t run Skype. The 7.8 OS means you can’t run some Windows Phone 8 Apps. The Windows Market is not as populated compared to the iOS and Android counterparts. Some apps lag or are slow to load. Getting back to the home screen and launching another app can be slow.

The 4GB on board storage means you can’t install a lot of apps, and the absence of a micro SD slot means you’re stuck with that space. You need to be diligent in uploading to SkyDrive and then deleting the can-live-without files in the 510.

Not so good audio. You need to be in a quiet room with no one whispering, to listen to that YouTube video that took a minute or two to load.

If you’re used to video calls, or decent selfies, those aren’t possible here. There’s no front-facing camera.

The 5MP rear camera can be quirky and has no flash and is bad under low light.

A tactile “fear” that the 510 will get crushed in my pocket. No sturdy-plastic feel.

Battery life just okay as long as you don’t surf and watch videos all day.


There’s this fine line between careful cheap and brazen cheap. The Nokia Lumia 510 fits the former. You feel that there’s just enough of the phone, on the phone, inside it, to make it look and feel maybe Okay. No one’s asking for grand-premium-smug Okay. I’d be happy with a sturdy-plastic-snappy-OS okay. But there’s none of that.

The only constant “pampalubag loob” is the fact that Windows Phone 7.8 looks a lot like Windows Phone 8, which gives a not-so-left-behind feel to the 510. But it’s really a pain to not have Skype or have your app choices limited by the RAM and the OS. I also don’t want to keep reshooting subjects even under enough daylight. And I doubt you want to load an Excel file with that tiny RAM. If you really, really want to experience a Windows Phone and your budget is only P7,300.00, by all means save up or borrow P3,000 more and get the Nokia Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 510 Review on

Careful when taking evening shots even under well-lit indoor set ups. The noise tends to get obvious and contrasts start to fail. Remember that there's no flash to help and higher ISO settings assure only more white grains.

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