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Official Flipboard for Android app out now! Get it here!

The wait is over! Flipboard for Android is now finally here!

When I say here, I don’t mean in the Google Play store. I mean literally here, because, just like the one ripped from the Galaxy S III, this Flipboard for Android app is in APK form.

If you’ve signed up to be part of their mailing list, you should have gotten an email inviting you to try out the beta version of Flipboard for Android. That’s what I did (and got), and that’s why I’ve got this good news to share with you guys.

So let’s not waste anymore of your time, and present to you the download link for Flipboard for Android:

Just remember, this is a beta release. So don’t be surprised to encounter a few bugs here and there.

Those who’ve installed and are currently using the unofficial version can simply update to the official release via the app itself. Just launch the app, and a notification is there informing you the official Flipboard for Android app has been released. Click on update, and there you go! You’re now rockin’ the official, albeit beta, version of Flipboard for Android.

Flip away and enjoy!

Allan David

Allan David

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    • rde9|

      I updated my xl since may 23 ota. the file size was 208 MB. Both my xe and xl have ics. My samsung galaxy note got its ics notification on may 24.

    • rde9|

      Thanks. Flipboard is just great.

    • @RDE9: So you have an HTC XE, an XL and a Galaxy Note. That’s a lot of Androids. Wow.


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