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Lenovo outs first LTE Android along with three other new ‘droids

But don't be fooled! Their first LTE smartphone's really got more to offer than just LTE connectivity. Read on to know exactly what I'm talking about...

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Apps to help you Nokia Lumia users keep your New Year’s Resolutions
Where Nokia shares what apps will help you keep your New Year's resolutions. And yes, just as long as you're using a WP8 phone - even if it's not a Lumia -  th More
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Enjoy 20% off on select Sony A-mount, E-mount lenses & Accessories!
From Apples to Korean phones, we now move on to lenses from one of Japan's most well-known and respected brands... More
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Sale Alert! Crumpler End of Season Sale

Bag nerds rejoice! Your fave bag brand is going on sale...

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Promo Alert! Seagate’s giving away an iPad Air, Seagate Central, Free trip to Bali
Yep, you read that right, kiddos! Buy a Seagate, win an iPad. Or a Seagate Central drive. Or a trip to Bali. Interested? Read all about it after the break... More
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Ozaki O!tool batteries: Cool & cute power solutions for the digital road warrior

Low batt? No problem! These cute little powerbanks from Ozaki will happily juice up your gadget for 'yah...

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Movie Review: Her. Sort of.
Adel kind of reviews the new movie Her. And talks to Siri about what's in store for us in the near future. More
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Among the CES Best: Sony XPeria Z1 Compact
Sony shrunk the Z1... and the fans are loving it. This is why it's probably the best phone of CES 2014. More
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Cyber Security Sunday: Kaspersky Labs’ Forecast for 2014
Where Kaspersky Labs shares with us what they see happening in the months to come... More
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Nokia Lumia Black Update begins its global tour
Heads up, WP8 Lumia users! You've got an update (or at least one that's coming soon) ... More
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Sale Alert! LG G Pro Lite, Optimus L7 II, Optimus L5 II discounted by as much as Php2K
Wanna start the year off with a brand new Android phone? If so, here's a sale you might be interested in checking out... More