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Personal Hotspot works through the new iPad in Smart!

I just found out about this now.

Personal Hotspot, the internet tethering feature on the iPhone, now also works, or has worked all along, with Smartbro accounts on the new iPad.

If you recall, the feature was enabled in the Verizon 4G iPads in the United States (not in the AT&T versions – although soon to come, I hear). This would have been a wonderful feature if it was enabled for 3G accounts in the Philippines, and apparently it has, or has been enabled all along for the AT&T internationally-released iPads, we just didn’t know it.

All you need to do is enable the APN Settings in Cellular Data in your new iPad by putting in “smartbro” in both the Cellular Data and Internet Tethering APN fields, and leave the usernames and passwords blank. Then it just works. In fact, I’m writing this post using my iPad’s Personal Hotspot account on my MacBook Air. If you’re using a Smart Buddy account I think the APN is “internet”, but I can’t be sure of this as I am using a prepaid postpaid SmartBro P999 SIM.

This takes a big load off, let me tell you. One of the reasons I got originally a 4G iPad, actually.

I heard Personal Hotspot also works with Sun accounts. I just don’t know yet with Globe, but I’m sure by now someone will already have found out.

Friggin’ cool!



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    • Heh. I meant “postpaid” SmartBro P999 SIM.

    • Vicoyski|

      I’ve just gotten my iPad 4G LTE’s Personal Hotspot working on a PLDT WeRoam Sim. For the post paid plan, the APN names for both the Cellular Data and Internet Tethering should be “Internet.”

    • That’s great to hear. I guess all the different accounts work now.

    • Vicoyski|

      Aauurrgghh! I spoke too soon. For some reason, it now no longer works. The iPad is now telling me that I need to contact my carrier to activate the feature.

    • Vicoyski|

      Ok, latest update on the PLDT WeRoam sim. I again got Internet tethering to work, after some trial and error. The APN name that now works on both the Cellular Data and Internet Tethering is “weroamplan”. I just hope it sticks this time.

    • Damned confusing if you ask me. Yeah I hope it sticks this time.


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