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Philippine Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo gets Official Price

First, here’s the good news.

We now have the offical SRP of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and, just like the Arc, it’s priced lower than what we were expecting. It’ll retail for just Php22,750.00. Given that it shares almost identical specs with its slimmer big brother, the Xperia Arc, that’s a pretty good deal, and should be a great alternative for those for those who can’t (or don’t) want to spend 30 grand on a new phone.

Now, here’s the bad news.

It won’t be arriving next month. Contrary to what we’ve been told earlier, it‘s now scheduled for a May release. It’s not a major, major delay, but a delay nonetheless.

Anyway, for those who don’t have the EQ to wait that long and have the dough to splurge on a new handset, there’s the Xperia Arc you can look forward to in April, which should hit stores within the first week of the month.

Allan David

Allan David

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    • Cake|

      I haven’t checked but, what is Sony’s track record on releasing Android updates?

    • Allan David|

      @cake: Not so good. But I think they’ve already seen error of their ways.
      They previously announced that the X10 won’t get upgraded past Android 2.1. They however backtracked on this and made a surprising announcement this month that it will now get a Gingerbread upgrade.
      This, hopefully, is a sign they will be more diligent in rolling out Android updates for their handsets beginning this year.

    • ysucit|

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      Tic Sy


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