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Philippines Nokia Belle update for Nokia 500 out now!

Heads up, Nokia 500 users! Your Nokia Belle update is now finally available.

Well, at least it should be, based on what Nokia has posted on their Nokia Belle microsite.

Now, if you still haven’t gotten the memo yet as to how to update your Nokia smartphone, here’s a quick rundown on how to go about it:

1. Download Nokia Suite 3.3, if you haven’t done so (get it here)
2. Hook up your Nokia 500 to your PC
3. Fire up the Software Update in Nokia Suite, and then play the waiting game

And just in case that’s still too complicated to follow, here’s a tutorial vid on how to upgrade to Nokia Belle to help you out:

Oh, before I forget, if you bought your Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 from SMART, you’re Belle update isn’t out yet. It’s still in the approval process. That said, I don’t see any reason why it should be approved. So it’s really just a matter of when it’ll roll out.

Is Nokia Belle worth upgrading to?

I wish I could answer that for ya’ but, unfortunately, I don’t own a Nokia phone anymore.

So far that, I’ll have to enlist the help of you dear Nokia users out there who’ve already upgrade to Belle.

Is it worth it? Or could Nokia have done more, a LOT more with it?

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