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PLDT busts out an Android-powered deskphone/tablet!

PLDT has just introduced a new service that features very their first Android-powered product. The company calls it their TelPad package, and it comes with DSL service and an Android deskphone!

The device is actually an Andy Technology AD-1000 Smart Desk Phone. It comes in a tablet form, with a seven-inch color capacitive touch screen and a special handset that serves as a charging dock. The tablet comes with its own kickstand. (Update: Sorry! I just found out that the tablet DOESN’T come with a kickstand.)

While this does seem portable, you won’t exactly be able to use this beyond the range of your Wi-Fi signal. And this gadget doesn’t support 3G connections. Think of it as a smartphone for your landline.

With a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor, Android 2.2 and a two-megapixel camera, this smart desk phone allows you to do more than just make and receive phone calls though. You can now do video conferences, access e-mail, use VoIP applications and so much more!

It also means that you can finally retire that ratty envelope that you’ve been using to take down your messages. Yes it can access the Android Market, so you can just download a sticky note app and type the message on the desk phone itself. Or download an answering machine while you’re at it.

The Smart Desk Phone also comes with 2GB of internal memory, with an SD card slot for extra storage. Plus, you can also stick an external drive into the USB slot. Because you can.

This smart desk phone can be yours with a PLDT TelPad service plan, starting at 1,849 pesos for a 1Mbps connection and landline. If you’re an existing myDSL customer, just add 500 pesos a month to upgrade to a TelPad plan. Other plans available are the Plan 2099 for 1.5Mbps, Plan 3095 for 2.5Mbps and Plan 4100 for 3.5Mbps.

Update # 2: You can find more details on the PLDT TelPad at



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    • sparkymarks|

      P500 additional per month….kinda tempting…..

    • You can get the spec sheet about the desk phone here:

      That said, keep in mind that the local developers of the device may have changed some of the functionality. But one thing is for sure: it does NOT have a SIM slot. Whether it can support a 3G/4G USB modem is something to discover when they finally release a production unit.

    • sparkymarks|

      i’m passing by PLDT later and see if i can discontinue my current dsl subscription and get me the one bundled with this. hopefully if all goes good and i get device, i can share more here.

    • @Sparkymarks

      I’m waiting for my contact to give me the schedule for the PLDT TelPad Roadshow happening next year starting January 15. You might want to hold off until then. They’ll be having a live demo unit during the roadshow. :)

    • sparkymarks|

      @Charo: yeah. i just came from PLDT and apparently this is not yet available. even the plans stated are still unsure as per advise of CSR. got hyped upped over nothing >.<;;
      at least something to look forward to next year aside from the Asus tablet supposedly coming out in march =)
      thanks for the heads up Charo

    • sparkymarks|

      another thing the CSR told me about this. aside from offering it as bundled in a plan, you can opt to buy this unit too for about P15k so you can keep the unit itself even if you decide to discontinue your DSL subscription.
      no idea how accurate that info is tho since nothing yet is final according to her.

    • trish.aguirre|

      I reserved mine 3 days ago. The PLDT Rep was kind enough to give me a courtesy call yesterday to confirm my reservation.
      She mentioned that the unit will be available to those who reserves this month by January 2011.
      They have a Facebook Fanpage:
      I reserved my unit thru their Facebook Fanpage.
      There are also plans & details about it there.
      Hope this helps.

    • synerjay16|

      @sparkymarks, yes i agree, the offer is very attractive but it’s kinda weird having this around the house while the pc is just readily available. i hope battery life is good. i also wish there is a charger which comes along with this and not rely sole on the docking station for charging.

    • techieman|

      having a telpad is great but i have my doubts there, its a landline right? what if you accidentally drop it? if that happens you will just look at it and watch how it goes bye bye. Landline phones with this PAD is not meant on homes i think, the present phones are still the best and more important thing, it will not be tempting to those akyst bahay gang.. In office I think telpad will be a hit! I wish technoodling you posted more concrete specifications, so to have complete idea about the product… hehehe

    • Hi Techieman!

      If you read my first comment on this article, you can download the specifications of the phone as given by Andy Technology.

      Also, PLDT has already released a website dedicated to the TelPad here: You should be able to find all the information you need about the gadget here.

      The PLDT TelPad is also being shown in several malls now. We were able to hold one in SM Megamall. It’s not connected to the Wi-Fi or to a landline though so we weren’t able to test connectivity.

    • For the function? Yes! I will but for the price? No I won’t. No offense. Landline, internet + wifi and cable connectivity, definitely YES!

    • Carlo|

      Is the Android App Market enabled in these?

    • Hi Carlo!

      We got to check it again yesterday at Megamall. This time they had it connected to the mall’s Wi-Fi. Android Market is enabled. They also have Neugent Market, but it seems their server is offline.


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