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Previously on Technoodling (July 15 to July 21)

Dear Pacific Rim fans,

I’m conflicted about this movie. I really wanted to like it. I know it’s a throwback to the robot-powered awe and wonder of childhood. Say, ever hear that theory about kids wanting to be robots and superheroes because it allowed them to be large and powerful enough to compete with their parents, blah blah?

But sadly, the Pacific Rim experience for me consisted of a few minutes of impressive fighting surrounded by a couple hours of totally unimpressive movie. I know people who’ve seen it twice, thrice, maybe even more. Um, I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it the one time.

Maybe the problem is me. Maybe I didn’t turn my brain off or get in touch with my inner child or do whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing to enjoy this film. But I swear, I had a robot toy growing up. I really did. Honest.

Ah well. Let me just turn my brain off and read last week’s news instead.




Monday, July 15
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Tuesday, July 16
Review: MiLi Power Spring 5
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Wednesday, July 17
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Thursday, July 18
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Friday, July 19
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ANC and Yahoo! PH establish pioneering regional news content partnership
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Saturday, July 20
ASUS debuts GeForce GTX 760 graphics card product line

Sunday, July 21
Devant celebrates 10 years of Audio-Visual Excellence



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