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Previously on Technoodling (June 10 to June 16)


It’s kind of irritating, you know? Just when I was fully decided to use an Android  phone as my main device, my Sony Xperia went and conked out on me. Now I’m back on my iPhone 5 while I patiently wait for the Xperia Z to return from the service center. Airdroid and SwiftKey really rocks, and until Apple stops being an ass and open more of the iOS API to third party developer, I’ll be sticking to Android.


Monday, June 10
What will Apple pull out of its hat later at the WWDC keynote?
Sony’s new Vaio Pros offer whole-day computing in a thin and light body

Tuesday, June 11
Google beats Facebook… to Waze!
Tech Musings: What to do when you hit the app ceiling?
PLDT SME Nation Launches Cloud Apps for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
iOS 7: more flat, more functional
Apple’s new Mac OS X is called Mavericks
Apple unveils 2013 MacBook Air line-up, Battery life to the max
Apple reinvents the desktop powerstation with the all-new Mac Pro

Wednesday, June 12
Where to buy the Marshall Hanwell loudspeaker? Find out here!
The PS4 is finally unveiled—and available for pre-order!
Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad Tablet 2

Thursday, June 13
The Xbox One has an (extremely) odd online requirement for users…
Samsung announces Galaxy S4 zoom, with a 16-megapixel and 10x-zoom camera
It’s official: Google buys Waze
Throwback Thursday: How Palm’s webOS influenced iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Friday, June 14
Hey! We’re a finalist for the 2013 Globe Tatt Awards!
Promo Alert! 15% off on the Cookoo watch
Who’s going home with a Marshall Hanwell Loudspeaker? Find out here!
Apple unveils new Airport Extreme and Time Capsule at WWDC

Saturday, June 15
The new, cheaper plastic iPhone… leaked

Sunday, June 16
Promo Alert! 20% off on the Marshall Hanwell loudspeaker and other goodies



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