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“What’s the best Silicon Valley book that you’ve ever read?” That’s something that I’ve been asked once or twice.

So many books come to mind. The thing is, I’m guilty of not always finishing books if they don’t engage me long enough. And I’m guilty of not even bothering to read the book on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, which may sound like heresy to some. But that’s the thing. When it comes to the tech sector and Silicon Valley, books can be too unidirectional (as in the case with a biography, or a book that’s all about Google for instance). To me, the best book on Silicon Valley ought to be a book about the ins and outs of Silicon Valley itself and how it came to be.

In which case, I will have to say that the best Silicon Valley book I’ve ever read is still “Accidental Empires” by Robert X. Cringely. Here, you see the entire valley thing and how it emerged from its early days. Not only that, but you get a lot of dirt on Jobs, Gates, and various other high flyers of the industry. Here you realize that Microsoft was in fact a bit of an accidental empire itself (involving Gates bluffing his way to servicing IBM’s need for an operating system), how every good idea in tech actually first came from Xerox, and how the founder of Adobe, John Warnock, was one heck of a real genius.

It was written way back in 1991, and yet it still holds up as an awesome, if not funny, chronicle of what it took to create the tech world as we know it today.

The good news? You can read the entire thing, online, legitimately. On Robert X. Cringely’s own blog site itself, “I, Cringely“. Head on over to the book here and just keep clicking on the Next button. Cringely has blogged out his original book to commemorate his 2013 reprint. I say yay, because the history that he presents here is truly awesome.

And if you’d rather read about a more immediate tech history, then here’s our weekly roundup of links for you below.



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