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Quickoffice for iPhone, iPad. For free.

Your choices for document editing on the iOS platform just got richer. And cheaper.

Following Apple’s recent announcement that it will be making its own iWorks software free for buyers of new iPhones and iPads, Google has now made its Quickoffice app (yes, Google acquired Quickoffice) free for iOS users.

The catch, however, is that while it’s already available to users of iTunes US accounts, we still have yet to receive it on the Philippine iTunes store. But it should be coming soon.

But the real interesting thing to see would be how this would affect Microsoft’s Office plans for iOS. The explosion of tablet computing and, more specifically, the new app paradigm of US$0.99 apps and all that, has made life particularly difficult for Microsoft, especially since Office has always been its cash cow.

Microsoft’s problem is that tablet users have become spoiled with low-priced apps, which now make the idea of buying apps at over a hundred dollars seem highly unreasonable. And sure there’s Microsoft’s Office Mobile which can be used on iOS and Android– but you have to be subscribed to Office 365 to use it. And that’s like US$99 a year.

So Microsoft is now in a quandary, particularly when faced with a world that is increasingly using tablets and feeling that they no longer need a real PC. But… that’s another story altogether… All we know is that, thus far, Microsoft has no intentions of coming out with a free Office app for iOS. Of course. They ain’t nuts.




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