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Review: Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker

Confession: I spend entirely too much money on Starbucks coffee.

Serious coffee aficionados are probably scoffing me right now for being addicted to the coffee equivalent of fast food. I don’t care.

Mind you, I’m not into frappuccinos or blended or mixed beverages – a simple cup of Starbucks drip coffee or maybe sometimes an Americano or café latte to go with my breakfast, and I’m happy and ready to face the day.

But recently, I’ve discovered a terrific gadget that not only gets me my daily Starbucks coffee fix, it winds up saving me money too.

It’s called the Aeropress, and it’s from a company called Aerobie, which is actually better known for their line of plastic flying toys. I’m not kidding.

The Aeropress looks like a piece of medical equipment, sort of like a mutant combination of a syringe and a French Press. The box it comes in isn’t exactly elegant either – it’s covered in testimonials, quotes, and is pretty much a cardboard infomercial for itself. As Seen on TV!

But don’t be deceived. This plastic contraption can turn out coffee just as good as anything you’d get from a coffee machine many times its price.So nowadays instead of buying a daily drink from Starbucks, I just drop by once a week or so to pick up a new batch of beans and then I make my coffee on my own, freshly ground and brewed.

Rather than describe step by step, I’ve made a video and linked to it below to give an example of my typical Aeropress routine. Total time elapsed from grinding my coffee beans (ideally finer than a drip grind but not as fine as espresso) all the way to my first sip of the day usually takes no longer than five minutes, and the cleanup afterwards is MUCH easier to do than if you were using a French Press. The result is much smoother coffee, with absolutely no particulates or grit in it, and it’s extremely good stuff.

Here’s the video. If the embedded video doesn’t appear on your screen, or you’re on an iOS device, click here.

You can order an AeroPress from Blue Sierra Enterprises; they sell it for P2,000 and can even arrange for delivery to your door. I’ve heard you can also get it from EYO Sales on the third floor of  V Mall in Greenhills.The full list of sources is here.


  • extremely smooth, very good tasting coffee
  • allows you to adjust strength and serving size to your liking
  • portable, no need for electricity as long as you have hot water
  • if you’re addicted to Starbucks like I am, using an Aeropress in combination with beans and a grinder comes out cheaper than buying a cup of coffee every day
  • very easy to clean up and stow away after you’re done – just push the plunger all the way out and the hockey puck of used coffee grinds expels itself with a nice *pop*


  • best for single-serve use, not ideal for making more than three or four cups at a time
  • takes a few cups of trial and error to get the right proportions and timings
  • uses a proprietary paper filter (although the supplied pack is probably enough to last you for a year at least)
  • requires freshly ground coffee for best results. If you don’t have a grinder, ask your neighborhood coffee shop to do it for you.

Check out the gallery as well for some still photos.



Vic spends entirely too much on gadgets. So rather than try and kick the habit, he decided to become the Reviews Editor of Technoodling. Now, he has a perfectly good excuse. It's not an addiction: it's a job. His favorite noodle: Pappardelle.

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    • kris|

      You’re right. I do want coffee.

    • Nice device for coffee addicts like us! I have a small coffeemaker (2-3 cups) but it takes a lot of effort to set up and clean afterwards, as I’m only making coffee for myself. This looks to be a lot faster and easier to clean up than my coffeemaker.
      Very nice video too Vic, very enjoyable to watch! I loved the fact that your counter looks like a starbucks counter also. Hehe!

    • bad_boy|

      I’ve been wanting this ever since I saw it at Eyo. Maybe soon ;)

    • Reading this post makes me want to bring out my Aeropress and have a cup of that ethiopian yirgacheffe my friend gave me. I think I should. I’m getting a bit sleepy now.

    • Allan David|

      Now, if only there’s an olfactory plug-in for Chrome….


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