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Review: AKG K512 MK II Stereo Headphones

Most over-the-ear headphones largely distinguish themselves by product design, materials and tension of the headband.

You have your fancy, molded state-of-the-art high tech materials created in any number of fancy futuristic designs, or you have your tightly-compressed, head-squeezing, noise-cancelling and headache-inducing headband tension.

It’s refreshing to have a good, light pair of quality headphones that take away the pressure and stress of their fancy counterparts.

The AKG K512 MKII Stereo Headphones are a pair like that.

It comes in a big box with a molded insert, and comes with a warranty card and the usual warning labels.

The K512 MK II is made with wide, generous, round earcups and a self-adjusting headband. It’s made of plastic, mostly, which makes it light and sort of airy to use, and damned comfortable. You put in on and you hardly know they were there.

It’s made basically for home use, although in a pinch you can take it outdoors and no one would be the wiser. The cable is permanently attached to the left side, and is long at 2.5 meters (which is troublesome if you do take it outdoors—it’s really meant for use in your home stereo system), which allows you greater mobility. The cable ends with a straight, gold-plated and screw-equipped 3.5mm plug, and it comes with a plug adaptor that allows it to connect to your larger home components.

The earcups are made with a light gray fabric, and in case you get confused which side is which, there are large “L” and “R” reminders printed inside the cups. They’re very plush and well-cushioned, and are made to last (although I can imagine them getting grimy and dirty from months of use).

The audio reproduction is well balanced, with highs, mids and lows given equal prominence. The mid range particularly shines, and the voices and instruments in the range are clear and loud. If you’re the type looking for added bass notes, you’d be better off with its predecessor the MK I, which has more pronounced bass, and has a tighter, heavier construction, and whose earcups are oval, not round.

This pair of headsets is very light on the ears, and is very roomy. In fact, some might see it as a liability, as sound leakage is a very likely consequence of it. If you like listening to very loud music, you’d better just do it at home because you don’t want to inflict yourself on your neighbors. On the whole, I noticed that it really can’t match the volume output of some of the other headphones I’ve reviewed, largely because of this, and is a bit on the conservative side. Not a deal-breaker, certainly, but a concern nonetheless.


  • Maximum Input Power 200 mW
  • Input Impedance 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity 109 dB SPL/V
  • Cable 2.50 m
  • Weight 200 g

The AKG K12 MII Stereo Headphones retail for around P3,500, and are available at most shops that sell audio equipment.



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