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Review: Braven 855s HD Wireless Speaker

Ok, ok, I already reviewed the Braven 850 recently here. The Braven 855s is just its weatherproofed sibling, everything else is the same.

So why do another review? Just say this one’s weatherproofed and leave it at that.

Well, I would if it were that simple. The truth is, it’s slightly more complicated than that.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

When I reviewed the Braven 850, I remarked on its size and girth compared to its other smaller brothers, and its strength and power in reproducing audio.


Well, the Braven 855s HD Wireless Speaker is much the same. It’s big and brassy and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, and can out-blare most of its competition. It comes in a similar box, with a similar power adaptor with many international connectors, and a similar external 3.5mm audio cable, and usual manual and printed stuff.


The controls are on top of the unit: a power button, a speakerphone button, play/pause and volume up and down. On the connection panel on the side you have the pairing button, power-indicating LEDs, a USB charging port, an AUX port and the power adaptor connection.  It reproduces audio with the SRS WOW HD and the aptX codec, which makes the sound much more whole and clear. It also outputs audio at 20W, and also runs for around 20 hours on a charge on its 8800mAh battery.


What’s different with the Braven 855s is largely the waterproofing.

Part of Braven’s Rugged Series, the 855s has a big rubber seal around it, covering a large part of the speaker and its ports and controls. There are rivets around the front and back faces of the speaker, and there is a sealing rubber panel where the ports are. It isn’t quite as protected when the panel is open when you’re charging it or its charging one of your devices, or if the unit is connected by the AUX port, but it’s fine if paired with your device via Bluetooth with the panel carefully sealed.


I wouldn’t dunk the Braven 855s in a tub of water, though, or take it on a river crossing. While it is weatherproof, it isn’t waterproof.

As the box and paperwork are very careful to point out, the 855s is merely splash resistant, and can withstand the occasional sprinkle of water or light rain for a short time. What it is is IPX3 Water Resistant, which makes it great for making raucous noise in an adventurous outdoor situation as opposed to the more sedate indoor environment of the Braven 850.

As with the 850, this speaker is mono. What’s nice about the 855s is that you can wirelessly connect it to your 850 (if you already have one, or another 855s), and have a left/right stereo experience via a Bluetooth True Wireless connection, which you enable by long-pressing the pairing button. That is, if you were willing to shell out the big bucks for another big HD wireless speaker.


But whatever the case, you’re going to be happy blasting the Braven 855s HD Wireless Speaker at your next BBQ.

Its available for P13,950 at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker branches.




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