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Review: Crumpler’s Hillman Hunter

“It’s yellow.” That’s the first thing that went through my mind when I saw the new Crumpler Hillman Hunter. Yellow was never a color I liked. I wouldn’t mind black, white or red (all of which are colors available with this new small messenger bag). But no, I was being handed a yellow bag. On color alone (and on principle), I hesitated to take it, but my editor prodded me on. And I’m glad because it turned out to be an interesting ride.

Surprisingly roomy!

I carry a lot of stuff. Looking at the Hillman Hunter, I thought it would be utterly impossible to put everything that was currently in my bag into this tiny thing.

All of these, in the bag

But lo and behold, it actually had a 6-liter capacity! And what does that mean, exactly? It fit my ebook reader, journal, fountain pen holder, medical kit, wet tissue pack, brush, fan, umbrella, two purses, Flip camera, tripod, phone, Waldo the Jumping Brain, Pris the Android, lotion, calling cards, sunglasses and keys. The bag looked like it was going to burst at the seams (which has happened a few times with my other bags).

I guess it helped that this messenger bag had four inner pockets. Two of those inner pockets had Velcro closures which make them the perfect place to store stuff that you don’t want to lose, like keys or loose change or Waldo.

Surprisingly secure!

Like I said, I carry a lot of stuff. I’ve had a history of getting new bags repaired within a week of using them. The Hillman Hunter refused to be one of my victims. The bag’s material was strong. The seams held. It gave me a sense of security knowing that my strap wouldn’t suddenly break in mid-use (I’ve had a lot of accidents of that nature).

The bag closes with two Velcro and two release compression straps. I’m not a big fan of Velcro, mostly due to the fact that I rarely see industrial-strength performance on consumer products. Thankfully, Crumpler didn’t skimp on this feature. The Velcro closures hold on securely even if you don’t lock the release compression straps.

While it is roomy, the bag was designed so that all the contents can be seen at a glance without them spilling out. This makes it perfect for getting through local security who prod through your belongings with their “magic stick wands”. With all my other bags, it takes them roughly five seconds to check me out. Bringing the Hillman Hunter brought it down to exactly one. Open and look. Close and run.

The bag also keeps you safe on the road. Every Hillman Hunter sports a wide safety reflector up front. Perfect for pedestrians and bikers.

Suprisingly good! Save for…

The strap, while sturdy, is too long for my taste. Then again, I’m short. While the strap can be shortened, I was stumped on where to tuck away the extra length. I had to go online to the Crumpler website to figure out what to do with it. Apparently what I thought were just design touches were really accessory loops situated on each side of the bag. You can use one loop to tuck away the extra strap length while also hanging stuff via the other loop, although I think the only way you can hang anything on it is by using a carabiner. Of course, hanging anything from the accessory loop will just tip the bag’s center of gravity and generally make it less comfy.

Depending on the color of the bag, anyone from casual commuters to corporate climbers can get away with bringing the Hillman Hunter along for everyday use. Although, if you’re female, you can’t pair this with your office suit and skirt. Suit and pants, yes.

Crumpler Hillman Hunter

SRP P3,450


  • Can fit lots of stuff and they won’t just spill out
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Industrial-grade Velcro closures keep stuff secure
  • Safety reflector


  • Hard to put away extra strap length
  • Accessory loops might not be so useful
  • It’s yellow (but then it also comes in black, white and red)


Charo is a well-known consultant and trainer in Java and Android technologies. She is also a founder of Mobile Monday Manila, and the Philippine Android Community. Her favorite noodles: Pad thai.

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    • cokeycyn|

      What’s wrong with yellow!? Such a happy color… well. then again, it’ll only look good when it’s perfectly clean! … … Oh look, ladybug red!! /drool
      I love how they have so many pockets inside. Now *this* looks like a cool Crumpler!

    • francis79|

      Is it well padded enough? Seems the walls are really thin. I plan of using it for my gf1

    • testdummy|

      Looks roomy. I’m surprised all of that stuff fit well inside the bag.

    • sneaky|

      @charo – your stuff are so organized. it seems that there are small pouches for everything. It looks great for people who are casually on the go.

    • talkintech|

      One question: can a manly-man carry this without hearing “Beki-beki-bekimon” in the background?

    • geraldo3|

      murse? :D

    • talkintech|

      @geraldo3 Yup! I think I found “it”… as long as it comes in black

    • @cokeycyn Ah yes, it’s hard to keep this thing clean. :) Red is definitely nice! :D

    • @francis79 Nope. If you’re getting this, I would suggest buying the XWRAP Ballistic ArmorWrap as well. It’s locally available at :)

    • @talkintech Yes. You get to keep your manhood while walking around with the hunter. And with the velcro closures on two pockets, you are assured that your chapstick and face powder don’t accidentally spill out unless you do so on purpose. :D

    • @sneaky Somewhere in Quezon City, someone is laughing like a retarded seal…

    • parallax|

      Looks good like any Crumpler bag. But I think I will have the other colors. Dirt is easily seen in yellow.

    • antski|

      That’s definitely a good man-bag. Yellow could have been more on demand last year with Yellow Fever during the campaign period but is still a good color.

    • techieman|

      Maybe Charo hates PNoy hehehhee… love the bag by the small yet full of compartments

    • Lea|

      I think it’s too casual to pair with office clothes/suits. I don’t like yellow. Red or black is nicer, I guess. But it’s a cool bag, after all, it’s a crumpler haha. I can’t believe it’s so roomy, all that stuff (in the pic) being stuffed in that bag :)

    • ecks|

      yellow is good… must have this one :D

    • torque15|

      you had me at hello.. ala-zellweger :)
      yellow is great for visibility! but thank goodness there are color choices. 6L and lots of pockets? lemming!

    • zirkel|

      seems like an ideal gift.

    • DarkHalf|

      I had been waiting for Crumpler to release this sized version of their messenger bag. Sadly, despite being smaller (and sized perfectly for me, IMHO), Crumpler still fails to take into consideration their feminine market. Even wearing a polo shirt and jeans when I tried it on, I was frustrated to find that my husband (a fellow crumpler enthusiast) still shook his head at the fashion faux pas this was going to do to me. Oh well. Waiting for your next bag, Crumpler!

    • Dornakano|

      The looks of this bag is classic. It is also good for schooling as well as carrying gadgets. But are there any other colors? ( although yellow is a nice color for that bag)

    • longgee|

      hmm… i never really liked yellow too but this is beyond yellow.. it’s so bright! :p

    • @Dornakano It’s mentioned in the post. It also comes in three other colors: Black, White and Red. :)

    • bad_boy|

      It’s so damn yellow. Seems highly usable, as is typical for Crumpler. Could we maybe have an interior shot? Any compartments? And, oh, it’s so damn yellow ;)

    • azeroth|

      akala ko slr bag

    • jobm|

      ang yellow, nasa nagdadala yan. ;)


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