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Review: Crumpler The Grub camera pouch

So here I am staring at a blinking cursor and needing to write 500 words about The Grub.

“Grub”, you say? No, I’m not writing a food review or a story about caterpillar maggots (and I hope I never have to write about both in the same article). To be perfectly clear “The Grub” is a simple little neoprene camera pouch from Crumpler, the same company that brought you other products with names like “The Fug” and “The Old Banger”.

Hmm. 500 words plus photos is going to be tough, isn’t it.

This pouch comes in three sizes, and the Medium one I was sent is exactly the right size for a Canon PowerShot S95 camera (the one I wound up purchasing after I reviewed it for Technoodling. Yes, folks, this is a dangerous job).

*glares at word count and cursing. I’m not even a quarter of the way done… Fug.*

The Grub comes in two colors – black and rust red. Both of the designs come with a stylized picture of a vintage camera printed on the front, I suppose as a gentle reminder of which way to stow your camera. And if you’re in a bad mood, you can say “To hell with you, Grub” and deliberately stick the camera in facing the wrong way. There, you’ve picked on a poor defenseless Grub. Feeling better?

*ok, we’re up to 200 words. I’m beginning to sense a second wind kicking in*

The neoprene is only very slightly stretchy, and quite form fitting. Much like most of my shirts after Christmas dinner. Aside from a little loop for your finger, there’s not much else – no belt clip or hook or anything to fasten the case to your person. Also, take note: if your camera is even a bit too large for this case, you’re not going to be able to fit it in at all. I tried using the Grub on the various other cameras, gadgets and things I had lying around the house, and as you can see from the accompanying photos below, it either fits or it doesn’t fit. Mostly, if it’s not the size of an S95 or an iPod Touch, it’s not going to fit.

As far as protection is concerned, it will probably keep my S95 (save for the exposed part) safe from scratches and general wear and tear. One edge of the camera will always be open to the elements, so keep that in mind. Some sort of flap would have been nice for complete coverage.

Frankly, Technoodling isn’t paying me enough to test how The Grub does on drop tests or unnecessarily rough treatment. But if any of you are willing to send me a sacrificial gadget to fully test it with, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Philippine SRP: P750


  • The Medium size fits some cameras perfectly, like the Canon S95.
  • Neoprene is stretchy, colorful, simple, cute. Form fitting.
  • Also fits cellphones, iPods, Skyflakes.


  • Only comes in two colors. Stretchy but unfortunately not THAT stretchy.
  • No belt clip  or other securing method other than a pretty lame finger strap.
  • Not particularly protective for the price.
  • The Medium size is demonstrably not so good with larger cameras, wine bottles, golden retrievers.


Vic spends entirely too much on gadgets. So rather than try and kick the habit, he decided to become the Reviews Editor of Technoodling. Now, he has a perfectly good excuse. It's not an addiction: it's a job. His favorite noodle: Pappardelle.

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    • talkintech|

      Hey! If the Torch fits on the Grub, my Desire might fit on it too! Got to drop by my suking Crumpler retailer for a fitting… my phone’s been nekkid for a long time now :P

    • spidergrrl|

      Holiday deadline blues, eh? I know the feeling. :P Cute dog!

    • spidergrrl|

      Re: The Grub, doesn’t seem particularly functional for the price. Guess it’s back to the drawing board for Crumpler.

    • techieman|

      you’re right its too quite expensive for what it can do. Is it really a minimum of 500 words just for an article? wooo a tiring work… In general This protective case is just a colorful nice design supot….. (plastic)…. buti na lang skyflakes fits! xD

    • I love the photos! Haha!

    • It’s a little pricey for a pouch. I could probably find something nicer and less expensive somewhere else.

    • will definitely get one for my skyflakes. haha! :) )

    • spidergrrl|

      Off topic, but I didn’t know where to post my question: what does TN think of the NTC’s proposal to cap broadband connections in the country?

    • “Technoodling isn’t paying me enough to test how The Grub does on drop tests or unnecessarily rough treatment.”

      But you had the perfect test subject! The pack of Sky Flakes is a great simulator for how much damage or abuse a gadget takes. Simply drop a pack without the case, and drop another inside the case. I admit, Sky Flakes are usually a bit lighter than your typical camera or phone, but maybe you can compensate for that by taping a few coins to the pa… oh… I see. Is the TN budget really that small? :P

    • throbbers95|

      cool . . . my Nokia C3 fits perfectly !

    • geraldo3|

      love this review, shows you guys have a great sense of humor. :)

    • The picture/collage is hilarious! Woof! XD
      Not sure if this actually helps protect the camera, actually. I’m guessing it’s meant to be more of a sleeve.

    • Lea|

      I love the pics!!! But I think it’s too pricey for my iPod Touch. I’m not sure if my digital cam will fit in The Grub. I guess It doesn’t have an inside pocket (for memory sticks). Looking at it, it doesn’t offer much protection for your camera. It’s just an attractive pouch. I’ll stick with my Victorinox case. :)

    • To tell you honestly, it is too expensive for my gadget. Although the design is good, but colorful.

      My preference is a bit simple design but tough and durable. The material is also good and lightweight.

      New fashion statement for new year!

    • francis79|

      Not too impressive for me. You can see how vic tried to spice up the article because of the lackluster product.

    • bad_boy|

      I love the photos ;) Is there padding inside?

    • ldlejano|

      LOL @ the Skyflakes Pic. But for a 750 php pouch with no other special features, isn’t this quite unreasonable?

    • Dornakano|

      I love the photos, but I don’t like the product, There are other products on the market that is better than this one.

    • easy-j|

      the Grub looked good on almost all of the photos!! would definitely think of purchasing it if it fits my SE Aino though its a bit too pricey for a pouch.. :)

    • I won;t buy this one. there a lot of mobile and camera pouches that has a good design and cheaper price.

    • Jerson|

      Too expensive for a designed piece of cloth.

    • beckham07|

      they should have versions for DLSRs with neoprene something and sell it the same price. It would be a nice catch if so.

    • minanget|

      . .wahehe. . no zipper!. . expensive!. . haha, .:)

    • mque12|

      I love the pouch as well as the color! i think this is a brilliant cover! i would surely look for this one!

    • longgee|

      I guess its too pricey for a pouch with no zipper. Color-wise, i like it a lot but the price is my concern :p

    • torque15|

      design- and brand-wise, it might be a beauty, but the price is quite steep for me to handle. and given the limited gadgets it can house, will let me think twice about getting this exact pouch.

    • jmtubera|

      hahaha fitting of the grub to those objects are a very great idea! :) ) but anyway, it can fit my k850 but i still dont want to buy that one cause for me its not practical. too small an it doesnt have secutiry lock or something :) )

    • azeroth|

      hehehe. i know what your trying to tell. it’s not worth to buy. hahahahXD

    • jushjush|

      need to get one for my skyflakes!

    • DarkHalf|

      Let me borrow the grub (no returns, hahaha) and I will happily drop test for you with my cellphone. ;)

    • cokeycyn|

      Hmmm… I tried it out yesterday. It’s cute, it’s small… and it doesn’t really do anything! But I also found the little orange tab creates a little too much friction when pulling stuff out of the Grub. It’ll probably help prevent stuff from falling out (in case the snugness isn’t enough, huh), but i’m also kinda scared that it might scratch more sensitive surfaces!
      …. On the other hand, for the record, the Grub fits an iPhone quite nicely, with just a bit sticking out. :)


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