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Review: Momax iPower Tough 2 Charger

Newer tablets, phones and laptops these days come with exacting, power-hungry charging needs. And, with each iteration, they get even hungrier so it’s incumbent on the chargers to provide the power they’re asking for. So as the charger manufacturers ratchet up their products, we’re left with more delicate and finicky circuitry that require extra protection and shielding.¬†Power chargers these days come in all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of charging capacities, from a pitifully weak 1000mAh to a monstrous 12,000mAh and beyond.

With that, we’d like to introduce you to the Momax iPower Tough 2, a 9,000mAh power charger that’s built like a friggin’ tank:


It’s about the size of two iPhones one on top of the other, and it’s made of riveted, anodized aluminum ringed with a thick, generous rubber border. And it’s water-, dust- and shock-resistant. It has a reassuring heft and build to it that speaks of quality construction.


The reason it can withstand the elements is that there isn’t a part of it that isn’t covered. The USB ports, of which there are two (plus a micro-USB port for charging the charger), are covered by a sealing rubber gasket which protects it from the weather and the elements. (Of course, it’s only sealed when it’s not in use.) The entire charger is solidly built to IP65 international specifications which means that, when properly sealed, it’s completely resistant to dust, dirt and water.


It comes with cables, a carabiner, and an instruction manual and warranty card. The USB ports come in two flavors: both have 5.0V outputs, but one has 1A, and the other is more powerful at 2.1A. Of the provided micro-USB-to-USB cables, there is one long one (ostensibly for charging the iPower Tough 2 too), and another very short one for charging devices. You’ll need to provide Lightning or 30-pin USB cables for your iOS products if you’re charging iPhones or iPads.


There’s a small indicator panel on the front with a power button and four blue LED pinlights that show you how much power is left in the device. Fully charged, it shows four lights; three-fourths and it shows three; half-charged and it shows two, and then one light for a fourth of power left.

The iPower Tough 2 comes with a few extras: an included built-in LED flashlight, which turns on and off with two clicks on the power button, and an integrated rubber ring on top that you can hook the included carabiner to when you need to attach it to your belt or a bag.


In practice, I was able to charge my Nexus 7 twice over, my iPad 3 once, and my iPhone 4 three times before I needed to charge up the iPower again. (The trick here was the iPad, which was a notoriously power-hungry device.) All in all, it was a hardy little thing, and great for the outdoorsy types.


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, sturdy and powerful little charger, look no further than the 9000mAh¬†Momax iPower Tough 2, available at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker branches for P3,750.

Momax iPower Tough 2 Charger

SRP Php 3,750


  • It’s built like a tank. What’s not to like?
  • Charge two power-hungry devices at once
  • Lots of power to spare


  • And did I already mention that it’s built like a tank? What’s not to like?




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