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Review: Rapoo Wireless Stereo Headset H8030

As I’ve said before, I’ve reviewed a hell of a lot of headsets here at Technoodling, mostly wired or Bluetooth and built for our mobile devices. But rare is it I get a chance to review something that is strictly for laptop or desktop use only.

The one I have now, the Rapoo Wireless Stereo Headset H8030, is one such headset, based on the old reliable 2.4GHz wireless audio and made to connect by inserting a tiny USB dongle into your desktop or laptop computer.

A Chinese manufacturer established in 2002, Rapoo has in the past made gear for companies like Logitech, and their own products, marketed under their own name, certainly look like they were made for Logitech, save for the branding. The H8030 is a simple yet classy product, and comes simply packaged, with only the headset, the tiny dongle, a USB charging cable and a simple user’s guide.


The headset is largely made of high-quality plastic, with small earpieces that straddle the ear rather than enclose them. The earpieces themselves are ringed with plush cushions that make them easy to have on for hours on end. There is a blue accent throughout the whole headset, and it also comes in black, gray or red. The entire thing is light, and the vibe it gives off is young and modern.


The micro-USB jack is on the left earpiece, along with volume up-and-down and power buttons, and a power-indicator LED.


It connects wirelessly by inserting a tiny USB dongle into a USB port on your desktop or laptop. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but on my iMac, all the USB ports are occupied by external drives and connectors, and I had to sacrifice the use of one of them to put in the dongle. Not so with the laptop though. Lots of space there.

rapoo pref

You enable it in Systems Preferences by setting your sound output/input to the Rapoo (at least for Macs that’s how you do it; I imagine it’s basically the same for Windows PCs, although I haven’t really tried).

The audio is wonderful. Very clear, and didn’t have any sound artifacts that would normally bother a Bluetooth headset. It was as if it was connected via wire, the sound was so clear and solid. Very bright highs, great mids and lows. On the whole, it reproduced the sound without adding or subtracting any quality to or from it, as a result of what Rapoo calls the “COM-Ti Vibrating Membrane Technology” they put in, whatever that is.

There is a noise-free microphone mounted on a small boom that swings forward on the left earpiece, which activates it. Rotating it back out of sight puts it on mute mode. Wonderful for videoconferencing or chatting purposes. It worked great on a Skype video chat with a cousin in Australia and with FaceTime sessions with friends, and I imagine would also work great in game chats, although I didn’t really get to try that out yet, as I don’t have any games on the iMac that allow that.

The internal lithium battery charges via a micro-USB connection, and takes a couple of hours to fully charge, after which it operates continuously for about ten hours. That’s just about right for a full day of listening.

The Rapoo Wireless Stereo Headset H8030 is a great addition to your desktop or laptop, and the tiny dongle is unobtrusive enough that you can just insert-and-forget about it.  This headset retails for Php 1,920.00.



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