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Review: Spigen SGP Kuel Mobile Stand S20

We’ve all wanted to prop up our cell phone on a car dashboard, table desktop or shelf in a classy, stylish way for easy access and reference, but few holders and sticky pads exist to do the job. Not until Spigen SGP came up with the Kuel Mobile Stand S20, which recently was sent to me for review.

It’s basically a very simple device, made of scratch-resistant aluminum and a smooth-surfaced polycarbonate that resists dents and scratches. It looks like an orb or a ball (that comes in silver, blue or red), with a sturdy smartphone holder protruding from it.

The base of the orb, where the mobile stand attaches to the surface, is the killer feature here. There is a gel-type suction cup, and a suction lever that creates a small vacuum between the device and the surface that makes it hard to remove, thus ensuring that it doesn’t fall off easily. Thus you can be sure that your smartphone is going to stay secure there no matter what.

The phone holder swivels about 30 degrees in any direction via a free-stop hinge and stays in whatever position you leave it in. There is a ball-and-socket joint inside the S20 that further secures the stand and enables it to stay at any reasonable angle. Furthermore, it fits any smartphone, even those with cases, so it’s a universal device.

It’s a wonderful mobile device stand, and the protruding holder grips your smartphone very well, yet it’s relatively easy to put the phone in or take it out, and position it for an optimal viewing angle, whether in landscape or portrait mode. I placed the mobile stand on my desk, beside my iMac, where I can easily see if my iPhone 4 has a message or answer it if I receive a call. The top of my computer table unfortunately doesn’t lend itself well to gripping, so I secured the stand on an external drive with a better, slicker surface. (It was difficult to take it off, by the way, which is a testament to the grippiness of the device.)


The Spigen SGP Kuel Mobile Stand S20 is a wonderful, sturdy device to hold your phone to your car’s dashboard or wherever you want to keep it handy, and does it with style and panache.

PRICE: Php 1,500

AVAILABILITY: All Beyond The Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub branches



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