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Review: Urbanears BAGIS

Off from the success of their Plattan line of headphones, Swedish company Urbanears is taking a shot at the entry level market with the introduction of their BAGIS line of  in-ear headphones. Earphones of the entry level variety are honestly the least interesting items to look at, much less to review. But with its snazzy packaging and eye catching colors, the Urbanears BAGIS did manage to strike my fancy. Now let’s see if there’s more to the BAGIS than just eye candy.


Look at them BAGIS!

What’s with the BAGIS?
Packaging, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, looks absolutely smooth. It’s simple, stylish and classy. Very Apple-like. Upon opening of the box, I was greeted by a pair of BAGIS in-ear headphones, an Urbanears sticker, a catalogue, two extra pair of earbuds in different sizes and a neutral earphone plug converter. The inclusion of the plug converter is of pretty good value as it ensures that the BAGIS headphones will work even on older devices that’s equipped with an outdated two-connector earphone jack.

You have to respect a company that puts this much work on packaging and bundles, and as usual, the Swedish guys of Urbanears delivers. But what about the product itself?


Design-wise, the BAGIS looks really chic. The tone of the colors used (Pastel) really gives it a very classy look. The headphones itself are molded in a way that makes it possible to attach the pair of headphones together, back to back, for easy storage when not in use.

I tested the BAGIS headphones on an HTC Desire Z and BlackBerry Torch, and my honest assessment of its sound quality? I’m actually impressed. Sounds reproduced was clear with no audible air noise and tinny sound. While it’s not on the level of mid-range and high-end earphones, it performed admirably and is definitely a contender in the sub $40 USD (Php 2,000) price range. The only downside I can hear was that the bass produced is a little bit understated, and the lack of it may be a turn off to some people. Personally though, I’m not partial to bass heavy headphones and I actually prefer headphones that offers more clarity rather than deep, booming thumps. In this regard, the BAGIS is perfect for my ears.


For easy stowaway, just connect the two headphones together

What really blew me away about the BAGIS is that even at its already low price point, they managed to squeeze in a mic for voice calls! I tried a couple of calls on it, and every one  of the persons I called said I sounded loud and clear. The mic is of a simple one button operation, short press to answer calls, press and hold to activate voice dialing.

Considering the design, the bundled items, the sound quality and the built-in mic, the BAGIS is obviously a steal at its USD $27 price tag (Php 1,200). Go around the mall and check out the earphones that’s at the same price and you’ll see that nothing comes close to the value the BAGIS offers. A good buy whichever way you look at it and it’s an item that budget conscious people should consider.


Look at all that BAGIS!

Price: $ 27 USD or Php 1,200
Colors: Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange
Where: Power Mac, Digital Hub, Digital Walker


  • Attractive design and colors
  • Good sound output from the built-in mic
  • Overall good stereo sound quality


  • Bass might be too subtle for most people
  • The rubber used on the upper half of the earphones seems susceptible to dust clinging unto it


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