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Roundup of Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available locally starting this Friday, and here are some reviews that might help you decide whether it’s worth the purchase or not.

The Verge’s David Pierce thinks the Galaxy S4 “is fast and impressive, but it’s also noisy and complex” and “the GS4 has Samsung back in the land of cheap, plasticky handsets.” Still, it’s an impressive phone, the design drawbacks notwithstanding. The money quote:

I ended my HTC One review by saying there were two Android phones worth buying, the One and the Nexus 4. That number is now very clearly three, but I had hoped against hope that Samsung would emerge the undisputed winner.

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ABC News’s Joanna Stern is also taken aback by the plastic body: “The glossy plastic starkly contrasts with the all-metal and aluminum iPhone 5 and the HTC One; the Galaxy just feels cheaper and flimsier.” The camera, however, is “one of the best I’ve tested on a smartphone and bests the Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One.” The money quote:

If you are looking for an Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4 is a great choice. It’s jam-packed with new camera features, it’s fast, and it has all-day battery life.

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Gizmodo’s Brent Rose has mixed feelings as well, saying that the S4 is “better, but not best.” A lot of the new features are “nothing more than gimmicks, case studies in why different doesn’t always mean better, and can often be worse.” The money quote:

The S4 is far from a bad phone. In fact, were it not for the HTC One, it would be the best Android phone you can buy. And one can’t help but think that had Samsung poured all of its innovation into maximizing the practical user experience—instead of highly ignorable gimmicks—it might have taken the crown.

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Mashable’s Christina Warren thinks that the S4 is the “best Android phone ever,” and goes further by saying that it is “one of my favorite Android smartphones ever.” The money quote:

  • It’s undoubtedly the best Android phone on the market right now (unless you are absolutely reliant on a pure Google experience).*

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