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Samsung Galaxy S4! Our First Impressions

Mobile heavyweight Samsung has finally unveiled its latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Among other things, it offers a 5-inch HD Super AMOLED (translation: very vivid) display with a 1,920×1,080 resolution and 441ppi pixel density (translation: very crisp), Gorilla Glass 3 (translation: very tough), 13 megapixel autofocus camera, 1.6GHz octa-core or 1.9GHz quad-core processor (we don’t yet know what we’re gonna get), Android 4.2.2 (latest but not revolutionary), and new bloatware (S Travel, S Health?).

So what’s our verdict? Technoodling’s editors speak up!


That’s it?! WTF?!

Ok, to be fair, specs-wise, it does live up to expectation, but man, you could hardly tell the difference between the S4 and the S3/Note 2. They might as well have just called this one the Galaxy S3 Plus.

It’s as if they said to themselves – if Apple can do it with the iPhone, maybe we can pull the same rabbit trick with the S3/S4.

Either that, or they didn’t have enough budget left in the bank to invest on a redesign.

So to you Samsung, thumb up for the specs upgrade, but sorry, it’s two thumbs down on the recycled design.


One thing Cupertino is realistic about: Apple knows that if it’s going to be coming out with a phone that has a new number at the end of its name, then it better be a totally new, totally redesigned piece of hardware. For everything else, it manages public expectations by tacking an “S” on the end to signify that it’s an interim upgrade.

This, frankly, is the Samsung Galaxy S3S. New stuff in an old package. It’s still a great phone. But did it have to look like last year’s phone?


Looks like we’re hating the “same old same old” slab design that looks like every other recent Samsung smartphone. Think S 3. Or Note 2. Or Duos. Ad nauseum.

To be fair, the specs are impressive. You get a pixel density that can run circles around Apple’s own “Retina” display. You get as much as eight processors (though likely only four will reach us). You even get infrared (think universal remote!).

But the looks are a downright disappointment. Time to snap yourselves out of your design ennui, Samsung! Think different! Oh wait, that’s Apple’s line…


I’m honestly a bit disappointed. The specs and the additional features are great, but the whole look of the phone is a downer. If the S3 or Note 2 was a design marvel to begin with, I wouldn’t mind. But let’s face it, those two phones won’t be winning any design award anytime soon and with the S4 looking just like those, color me bored.



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