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Samsung new Galaxy teaser site now Live!

Right on cue, Samsung’s teaser site for the new Galaxy is now live.

So, what new clues do we have as to what Samsung will be unveiling on May 3?

Well, after watching the teaser vid above, three lines stand out, which could be potential clues:

  • Your view of the world grows ever wider
  • As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly
  • With technology that fits in this easily

The first one probably alludes to S-Cloud. Either that, or a bigger display or maybe its purported monster 12-megapixel cam.

The second one, we’re guessing, refers to its rumored quad-core processor so you can “swiftly” get things done.

And as for the last part, we could be putting too much into it, but it could be their way of hinting it’ll even be slimmer than the Galaxy S II.

All just guesses for now, but I sure do hope one of these proves to be true.

How about you guys? What are you hoping or expecting from the new Galaxy?

PS: And yeah, that subtle jab against Apple fan boys being sheep didn’t escape us as well. Care to share your thoughts on that too?

Allan David

Allan David

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