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Sandisk Cruzer Fit review

Ok, this is getting silly, the race to be the smallest *insert random gadget category* has got to stop at some point. SD cards is probably at that point with the micro-SD card, but for USB memory drives, I think Sandisk just hit the extreme with the Cruzer Fit.


The Sandisk Cruzer Fit and the detachable plastic cap

I’m a careless person, I lose a lot of stuff. God knows I’ve lost more umbrellas than I can remember and I even have this uncanny talent of “misplacing” memory cards. The new Sandisk Cruzer Fit fills me with trepidation, and it’s not because the product is bad or anything, it’s simply because I’m an idiot who can’t properly safeguard my own stuff.


Size comparison: Sandisk Ultra Backup (left) Sandisk Cruzer Blade (middle) Sandisk Cruzer Fit (right)

But I can’t help myself, I still got myself a Sandisk Cruzer Fit. Having a USB memory drive that’s almost as small as a pain reliever tablet is a novelty I can’t resist. I’m in complete awe as to how Sandisk was able to put in a tiny metal loop on the Cruzer Fit where I can easily put a lanyard strap on it and attach it to my keychain or use it as a cellphone charm.  There’s even a working LED bulb on the Cruzer Fit that lights up when it is being used.


The Sandisk Cruzer Fit on top of a 25 centavo coin

For the data transfer speed test, I copied a 2.3 GB movie file into the Cruzer Fit from my MacBook Air. It took a total of 7 minutes and 50 seconds for the file to be completely copied into the Cruzer Fit. Not exactly lightning fast for today’s standard, but it didn’t perform as badly as I expected.


The Sandisk Cruzer Fit inserted into the USB slot of a MacBook Air

If you’re looking for the smallest USB memory drive in the market, look no further. The Cruzer Fit is as small as it can get. It may not be the fastest USB memory drive in the market, but it is the most portable. Sandisk really knows how to make memory cards and it shows with the intricate design of the Cruzer Fit. Windows users gets an additional treat as the Cruzer Fit comes with Sandisk Secure access program which allows one to password protect the files inside the Cruzer Fit

Cruzer Fit 4 GB = Php 375
Cruzer Fit 8 GB = Php 580
Cruzer Fit 16 GB = Php 1,100

Availability: All Digital Walker and Digital Hub outlets


  • It’s very small which makes it very portable
  • The small metal loop makes it easy to attach this to a keychain or turn it into a cellphone charm
  • Has an LED light bulb to monitor data transfer activity
  • Comes with a plastic cap


  • Slow data transfer speed
  • It’s very small, can be easily misplaced


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    • DarkHalf|

      Argh! I wanna! But only 4GB available at Digital Hub when I went earlier today. :( I need a 16gb!

    • vince|

      where can i buy Cruzer Fit 8 GB = Php 580??? i cant find anywhere!


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