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Save Php3,500 the next time your Apple MagSafe adapter shorts out

These 60-watt Apple MagSafe power adapters cost about PhpPhp3,990 each on the Apple Online Store. I try my best to take care of them but I’ve had three break down on me. That’s about one power adapter for every laptop I’ve owned. The first two times, I just sucked it up and forked out the money for a new one, because I didn’t want to risk a dicey repair and short out my entire system some time later.

A friend had recommended an electronics repair shop in the Cubao area, and I happened to have the busted MagSafe adapter with me when I was in the area for some errands so I hunted down the Teknix Solutions Computer Repair Center (they’re tucked in a corner of Shopwise in the Araneta Center) and showed them the item. They said they had repaired others MagSafe adapters before, and that it would cost Php500 and take about an hour. Fair enough. If they could fix it, I’d be Php3,500 happier. If not, I could just get a new one.

But I also wanted to do a price comparison, so I walked to another shop, where the technician said the repair would cost Php800 and that I would have to pick up the item the next day. So, back to Teknix I went.

I watched as the lady technician deftly pried apart the two halves of the power adapter using a pair of long-nosed pliers. She snipped off the shorted parts, trimmed the cord, ran it through the small rubber sleeve/connector, stripped the ends, and then soldered the exposed ends back onto the main power brick. She re-assembled the case and glued it back together with a minimal amount of Mighty Bond super glue. Time elapsed: just under 45 minutes. Pretty impressive.

I got a clean, and almost-new looking power adapter with a 1-month warranty back, and beamed at the thought of having spent only Php500 on the whole thing.

It’s been a month and the warranty has expired, but the power adapter is still working fine. It charges my MacBook Pro without overheating (as it used to when the cord started showing signs of shorting out). I saved Php3,500, and kept another piece of electronic waste away from some landfill for some time to come.

You can do the same the next time your MagSafe power adapter shorts out, and try to have it repaired first. I guess any decent, well-lighted electronics repair shop can give it a go. Or you can visit the Teknix Solutions stall inside Shopwise at Araneta Center and say that a happy customer recommended you.



Jason de Villa is teacher by day and a geek at all other times of the day. When he’s not teaching, he’s reading and writing about technology, looking for ways technology can help in education. His favorite noodles: Pancit Malabon Express.

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    • Very useful! Bookmarking this ;)

    • Cara|

      Hi! Is it still working? I know it’s been 7 months, and hopefully it’s still okay :) I’m planning to get my charger fixed since and as a student, I really can’t afford buying a new one. I’ll hunt down that Teknix Solutions stall! :D

    • Hi Cara. I’m happy to say that the MagSafe adapter is still working.


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