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Seagate completes its SSD drive lineup

It’s a beeeyooootiful Monday morning. Let’s begin it with a fascinating tale about… SSD drives.

SSD stands for solid state drives. They were heralded as the replacement for the nearly 60 year old hard disc drive technology and are better in so many ways, primary for which is speed of access and shrinkability (because it’s all electronic, versus the spinning disk in a hard drive).

Well now, the world leaps ever closer to a life without tiny spinning disks as Seagate has just unleashed its full SSD drive lineup.

Seagate 600 SSD

Seagate calls this its ultimate laptop upgrade. Swap this for your laptop’s old hard drive and you will immediately get a dramatic speed boost (after, you know, backing up files and reinstalling Windows and all that). Boot start your computer up to four times faster, and load software up to twice as fast. Wow. You get up to 6Gb/second via its SATA connector.

Price for 120GB model: PhP 5,399

Seagate 600 Pro SSD

Also coming in at 6Gb/second, the 600 Pro is positioned more for cloud storage applications than for laptop use, thanks to its low power usage and efficiency orientation. If you’ve ever wanted to put together your own network-attached storage system, or if you just so happen to be running a cloud server service in your garage, then this is the drive to get.

Price for 100GB model: PhP 7,599

Seagate 1200 SSD

Your need for speed is writing checks that your body can’t cash. Well, if you have the cash, then why not get the speediest SSD drive you can find?

Actually the 1200 is for enterprise use, giving ultra-fast (up to 12Gb/second) data transfer speeds for missions involving high bandwidth data requirements. It uses a dual-port 12Gb/s data connector, but is backward-compatible with 6Gb/s ports.

Also launched: the Seagate X8 Accelerator, offering to boost server performance with a 2.2TB storage system that is nearly as fast as DRAM memory.





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