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SMART Bro Promo Alert! 2 days Unlimited Surfing for just Php85!

Hey, SMART Bro user! Here’s your chance to enjoy two days of unlimited Internet without having to pay more than Php85.

Yep, that’s right, kiddos! You can now bask in bottomless Internet glory for 2 whole days for just Php85 thanks to SMART Bro’s newest treat – SMART Bro Unli Surf 85.

How do you avail?

There two ways – either register via or text UNLISURF 85 to 2200.

Php85 still too expensive for ‘yah? Well, if all you actually need is just 24 hours of unlimited Internet, then you can go for UnliSURF 50, which provides you with – you guessed it – limitless Internet for an entire day. If this is fine and dandy with you, just text UNLISURF 50 to 2200, or, again, register via to begin enjoying unlimited Internet right here, right now.

But if you can afford Php85, and I’m sure most of you can, the UNLISURF 85 promo is, without question, the better deal, giving you more bang-for-your-buck.

Allan David

Allan David

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      How about for Smart Prepaid Sim Mobile internet?


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