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Sony PlayStation Vita (formerly known as NGP) shipping globally late '11

The Sony NGP is no more. Well, not really. Only its non-catchy acronym name has bid us farewell.

Sony’s next gen portable gaming system is now officially known the PlayStation Vita. Nothing new to report ‘bout its specs, ‘cept that 3G connectivity isn’t standard in the Vita. There will be  a 3G-equipped model, and just like the iPad, a WiFi-only PS Vita version.

They also finally announced it’s pricing: $249 for the WiFi-only PS Vita, $299 for the 3G PS Vita in the US (exclusive to AT&T). That’s roughly Php10.8K and Php12.9K respectively based on current exchange rates. Not bad considering all the goodies and treats this baby comes packed with.

The PlayStation Vita is scheduled to begin shipping globally later this year.

So, does this mean it’ll be in-stores by the time the holidays arrive? We’re not quite sure yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’re already praying hard for it.

More on this soon.

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