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Sony Xperia P: Updates on unboxing

A couple of days back I unveiled the contents of the Sony Xperia P box. I mentioned how certain items that were previously mentioned in their press release weren’t in the box. Well, I received a few corrections about the local release of the Sony Xperia P.

First, the bad news. See that beautiful red phone I’m holding? You aren’t going to get it. The color is exclusive to a European operator. Sorry, folks. You only get the black and silver versions here in the Philippines.

Now for the good news!

You will get two SmartTags. Those are Sony’s NFC tags which you can use to instantly change the settings of your phone just by tapping a tag. You also get an HDMI cable so you can hook up your phone to your television’s HDMI port and watch movies on the much bigger screen instead. These items were not in my box, but the good people of Sony promised to send them over next week.

Other stuff which you’ll get but I won’t: a screen protector and a charger with two flat pins that you can use locally.

There you have it folks! I’ll still be coming out with the phone review in a couple of days. But you’ll have to wait a bit more to see how the Sony Xperia P fares with the SmartTags and the HDMI cable.



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