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Survey says: iPad 3 Retina Display tops Like list, Price biggest Dislike

We pinoys love surveys. There’s a survey for just about anything – from current political issues to our insights to the New Year and even on topics such as love.

So here’s one for us gadget geeks, and one that you guys planning to buy the new iPad might wanna check out first – ChangeWave’s survey on the new iPad likes and dislikes.

Proving what Art and Apple had already said, batterygate really isn’t much of an issue. Battery life ranked as one of the least dislikes. And so is the supposed heating problem of the new iPad.

What is, and this shouldn’t me much of a surprise either, is its price.

Meanwhile, the iPad 3’s Retina Display (75%) tops the likes list, followed by its battery life (22%) – told ‘yah it’s not an issue – LTE support (21%), and faster processor (20%).

Do note, however, this was done in the US. Results will certainly vary from market to market, especially if it were done here in the Philippines, though I’m pretty sure the top like and dislike would prolly still be the same.

But let’s not just make assumptions and prove it with an impromptu, informal survey of our own – for you iPad 3 owners out there, what are your top 3 likes and dislikes with Apple’s latest iPad treat?

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