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SwitchEasy ER Battery Pack Review

Mobile data can really be a huge drain on a smartphone’s battery, and that’s one of the main reason why sales of portable battery packs have seen an exponential increase over the last year. There are now a huge selection of  of battery packs out in the market and the most popular ones are those with a capacity of at least 8,000 mAh. The problem with these high-capacity battery packs is mostly due to their weight and size; hefty and bulky are the norm.


As I got tired of lugging around my huge and heavy 12,000 mAh capacity portable charger, I went around various malls looking for a smaller and lighter mobile charger. It was then that I got myself the SwitchEasy ER battery pack.

Inside the package: SwitchEasy ER battery pack and a micro USB cable

Inside the package: SwitchEasy ER battery pack and a micro USB cable

Rated at a capacity of 2,800 mAh, the SwitchEasy ER has a rectangular form factor and is definitely one of the smaller battery packs available. It has a standard USB port which is configured at 5W power output, good enough to charge all types of smartphone and phablets in the market (It can also charge a tablet like the iPad albeit a bit slower). I used the SwitchEasy ER primarily in my iPhone 5 and I was on average getting a recharge capacity of a single full charge during my normal usage (mobile data turned on). If my iPhone 5 was on idle (mobile data and screen turned off), the net recharge amount I got was equivalent to one full charge and a half.

it charges using standard USB ports

it charges using standard USB ports

The design of the SwitchEasy ER is simple yet effective. It’s rectangular in shape and has a nice, matte finish which makes it non-slippery and easy to grasp. I absolutely adore the red color finish of the unit I got. The emergency cross (SwitchEasy ER, get it?) at the center of the unit acts as the “on” button. A single press to activate USB charging, a quick double press to turn-on the dual LED light of the unit (Yes, the SwitchEasy ER can also be used as an LED flashlight). The battery strength indicator is discreetly placed outlining the ER cross and changes color depending on the status of the battery. It turns from Green (full battery) to yellow and then red.

The SwitchEasy ER can do double duty as an LED flashlight

The SwitchEasy ER can do double duty as an LED flashlight

As per the standard when it comes to portable battery pack, the higher the capacity, the cheaper it is per mAh. So in essence, you’ll be paying more per mAh when purchasing a 2,800 mAh battery compared to 8,000 mAh. Common sense would dictate that for potential buyers, go for the highest capacity to get more bang for the buck. But the counter argument is, the higher capacity portable battery tend to be heavier and bulkier compared to the smaller and much slicker low-capacity battery. The SwitchEasy ER is priced at Php 1,750 and has a 2,300 mAh battery. But it’s small, good looking, lightweight and has an added functionality of an LED flashlight which makes the overall package a good buy.




Php 1,750


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