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Pay your QC Real Property Tax via your phone with GCash
If only it were as easy to get the benefits we deserve as diligent tax payers...... More
Promo Alert! Freebies await Gionee Elife E3, E6 buyers
Who's Gionee and what are those freebies? Find out the answer to those two questions and more after the break...... More
iPad Air, Retina iPad mini now Available from Globe
So the iPad Air & Retina iPad mini are now both available on Globe. So what? Well, hop on past the break 'cause, apparently, Globe's got a special offer for... More
Globe’s statement regarding Php3M+ postpaid bill

Here's Globe 'defence' for the Php3M+ postpaid bill they sent out...

... More
Globe dumps iPhone launch party, Offers more ways to help in Yolanda relief efforts instead
Check out Globe's iPhone launch event, not for the party, but on ways how you can help Typhoon Yolanda victims...... More
Globe, Smart, Sun offer up Free 25 SMS to help those affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda
Telcoms step up to help communities affected by Yolanda.... More
Get a new iPhone every year with Globe’s ‘iPhone Forever’ iPhone postpaid plans and upgrade program!
Read all about Globe's brand-new iPhone offers here!... More
iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c arriving on Globe, SMART on November 15
For the benefit of those who missed it, we'll be kicking off this brand new week with the weekend's biggest local tech news....... More
Globe, Facebook collaborate to offer free Facebook access to all Globe, TM subscribers

Free. Facebook. Access. With an interesting twist. Click here to read more about Globe Telecom's 'early Christmas' offer!

... More
Free Gadget Care to new, re-contracting Globe subscribers!
Want some gadget protection to go along with your brand new phone and postpaid plan? If so, then sign-up with Globe today...... More
Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Php1799 per month on Globe

So, interested in getting the Note 3 on Globe? If so, hop on past the break 'cause there's more to know than the near-Php8k per month asking price....

... More
Win a Galaxy S4 in Globe’s GCash Race to 1M Transactions!
Yep, Globe's giving away more than a dozen Galaxy S4 'driod to GCash users and they've got a special treat for the lucky one millionth users....... More