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Apple to enable LTE on local devices next week
Finally, Apple devices on local networks will finally get LTE support!... More
Tech Musings: I got the Nexus 7. So sue me.
Update from Adel on the latest Tech Musings: he finally got the Nexus 7!... More
Voice Calling via Facebook Messenger is now live! But….
So what's that but at the end of the title? Well, you'll just have to hop on past the break to find out....... More
Tech Musings: That Nexus thing
In the latest edition of Tech Musings, Adel tries to decide whether or not to get another tablet. And the clock is ticking...... More
Facebook Messenger gets a voice…literally!
Well well well. Looks like BBM isn't the only app that can now do voice calls....... More
EA goes on a mad $0.99 iOS app sale! Check out all the goodies here!
Here are more app goodies on sale right at the App Store you can nab for less than a buck...... More
The Philippines’ iPad Mini and iPad 4 shopping guide – Prices and Availability
The iPad Mini and iPad 4 finally makes their way to the Philippines! The when, where and how much is just a mouse click away... More
App Giveaway! Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies and ALL Halfbrick iOS games now free!
Yep, that's no typo right there, boys and girls. They're now ALL free, but do hurry, 'cause it won't be for very much long....... More
Tech Musings: Adel does all his writing now—on an iPad!
In the newest edition of Tech Musings, Adel tells us he does the bulk of his writing now on an iPad.... More
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android, iOS now Available
Here it is, iOS/Android gamers! The new GTA game you've all (or at least some of you) have been waiting for....... More
iPad mini, iPad 4 officially launching in December in….
Where, you ask? Hop on past the break to find out....... More
Art’s Rant: Nobody reads instructions anymore
In which Art rants about the couple or so rules that he didn't know about with Letterpress. And how his manuals are gathering dust...... More