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Review: Skyworth SkyPad S82 Android tablet
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LG Optimus L9 II now official
Heads up, LG fan boys! Here's another 'droid you might want to add to your to-watch-out-for list...... More
Sony Xperia Z Ultra out now in Philippine stores
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Review: Lenovo K900 Android phone
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Finally! More Jelly Beans than Gingerbreads. (And why it shouldn’t even matter…)
For you Android fanatics out there, a landmark has just been passed. Is it worthy of conversation?... More
HTC One Mini now Official
Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's actually a new HTC phone right there. Don't believe me? Read on to convince yourself...... More
Review: Huawei S7 Lite MediaPad (also known as the PLDT TelPad)
Adel reviews his (new/old) PLDT TelPad—the Huawei S7 Lite MediaPad, and finds it an adequate, if slow, Android tablet.... More
Sony Xperia Z Ultra: The 6.4-inch HD ‘droid of your ‘wet’ dreams
And when I say wet, I literally mean wet. Read more on Sony Mobile's newest amphibious offering past the break...... More
Sony Xperia ZR joins Sony Mobile’s waterproof Android party
Here's what Sony Mobile's got next in the pipeline...... More
Incoming! Sony Xperia SP coming soon to the Philippines
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Samsung Galaxy Win officially joins Sammy’s quad-core Jelly Bean Android roster
Another month, another new Galaxy joins the Android fray. Read more about it past the break....... More
Sony Xperia J Jelly Bean update starts it global tour
Here's good news for you Xperia J owners out there aching to get a taste of Jelly Bean....... More