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Would you buy a Sony Walkman in a water bottle?

Sony, with the help of ad agency Draft FCB, gets really creative in packaging their waterproof Walkman MP3 player.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Review
Adel reviews the next-gen game console PlayStation 4.... More
Sony welcomes the Chinese New Year with a promo on their 2014 Bravia TVs
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Enjoy 20% off on select Sony A-mount, E-mount lenses & Accessories!
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Among the CES Best: Sony XPeria Z1 Compact
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Sony SmartBand: Potential Nike FuelBand-killer
It looks just as good as the FuelBand but does more than Nike's wearable. So why call this baby just a potential FuelBand-killer? Find out after the break...... More
Pre-order your PS4 and get freebies, Price starts at Php24,999
Heads up, gamers! The PS4 is coming and you can pre-order yours very, very, VERY soon...... More
Sony Launches New 3-in-1 Walkman Headsets, Splash-Proof Portable Wireless Speakers
Walkman headphones! Immersive loudspeaker mode! Colorful! Splash-proof! More fun details here!... More
Sale Alert! MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale on November 16-22
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From IFA Berlin 2013: Sony
Technoodling goes to IFA Berlin 2013 and takes a stroll at Sony's exhibit hall... More
Sony’s QX camera-in-a-lens accessories become official

Ever wish your smartphone camera was really as good as apoint and shoot? Then take a look at Sony's new QX10 and QX100 cameras, meant to be use... More