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Frozen Free Fall gives you your daily doze of Frozen…game style

Frozen. Game. 'Nuff said. Download links after the break...

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12 Apps perfect you Nokia Lumia users this Christmas
New Lumia user and don't know what apps to download? If so, hop on past the break 'cause we've got 12 apps you might wanna check out...... More Mobile App Launched
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Microsoft buys Nokia Devices & Services division
Once just a rumor, it's now official. Say hello to the MS-Nokia empire....... More
Smartphone user? Get Glympse. Now na.

Glympse is a relatively unknown but supremely useful location app that every smartphone user should have.

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Globe unveils “extensive array” of free device offerings at Plan 499
Read up about Globe Telecom's bevy of mobile devices offered free at Plan 499.... More
How Windows Phone can become a powerful 3rd placer (listen up, Microsoft)
Microsoft's Windows Phone is fighting for market share at the moment. Art thinks he knows how to make them a lion's leap forward.... More
Nokia launches new Cinemagraph digital camera lens, Camera Extras apps for snap-happy Lumia owners
Read about Nokia's new Cinemagraph digital camera lens and beefed-up Camera Extras app right here.... More
Rundown! Finance apps for your Nokia Lumia
Expenses here. Expenses there. If you're the type who likes to keep track of expenses, here are several apps to help you do just that sans any - well -... More
Draw Something, Words with Friends out now for Nokia Lumia users to enjoy!
Let the scribbling and word making for Nokia Lumia users begin....... More
Infograph: Why people switch to Nokia Lumia
For today's nice-to-know news, we present to you the top reasons why people choose to go with a Nokia Lumia....... More
How to: Transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android
Allan gives you the lowdown on how to transfer all your Windows Phone contact to Android without breaking a sweat....... More