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Technoodling at CES 2012 – V-Moda

While walking around the CES show floor, I received a call and was asked if I would be interested in visiting the V-Moda suite to check out their new products. It didn’t take even a second for me to say yes. Once I was inside the V-Moda suite, they gave me a quick tour of their new line of products.

V-Moda has struck a deal with HBO and will be releasing a whole new line of True Blood branded earphones. There will be two over-the-ear True Blood headphones and two in-ear True Blood headphones. All models will carry the black and red color motif. Being a huge fan of the TV series True Blood, I’m absolutely thrilled about this! Availability is pegged at 1st quarter 2012.


V-Moda has also started offering custom plates that’s attached to their Crossfade LP headphones. This is huge as it gives the wearer a way to express themselves and make the headphones a more personal one. This service is available exclusively at the V-Moda website and is open to all customers worldwide as they can ship internationally.

Here's what the V-Moda custom plates look like

A pair of customized V-Moda headphones for famous DJ Erick Morillo

V-Moda will also be introducing a new product called Faders, which are technically earplugs that are guaranteed to bring ambient noise volume down to at least 12 db. Quite handy especially in concerts. Loss of hearing caused by overly loud concerts is one of the problems that the music industry continually ignores, so it’s nice that a company like V-Moda took it upon themselves to address this problem.

Another V-Moda product that I’m very excited about is their iPhone 4S case that has a built-in battery and sound amplifier. As evidenced by our review, amplifiers are a good way to improve the quality of music, but the problem with amplifiers is that they are externally attached to our devices and can be cumbersome to wield. The V-Moda amplifier case is a very elegant solution.

After being walked through the whole V-Moda 2012 line-up, I was presented with my very own pair of custom plates attached to a Crossfade LP. It looks fantastic!

Here’s a short video that showcases just how tough V-Moda headphones are.



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