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Technoodling is a finalist in the Tatt Awards 2012! Here’s how to vote for us!

Wow! We made it to the finals of the Globe Tatt Awards 2012! This was totally unexpected, but as one of our editors best puts it, since we’re here, we’re in it to win it.

And with that goal in mind, we’ll be needing your help, guys! A percentage of the total score in determining the ultimate Tech Junkie in the Tatt Awards will be based on public voting.

So, how do you cast your vote?

First, head on over here. This’ll redirect you to the Tech Junkie category of the Tatt Awards voting precinct. You’ll find a cheery pic of Technoodling’s very own big J, Jason de Villa, here along with the other finalists for the Tech Junkie category and the number of votes they’ve received so far.

Click on the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ logo to log-in to cast your vote. If you’re like the one who nominated us and have already registered your social network account with Tatt Awards, just click the right logo and you can already vote. If not, you will have to grant the Tatt Awards site authorization to use your account.

Once your account is linked to Tatt Awards, you can now vote. Vote for Jason De Villa to help Technoodling nab its very first Tech Junkie crown at the GlobeTatt Awards!

Voting is on a 1 vote per hour basis, but you can vote twice if you use different accounts (ex. 1 vote using Facebook, 1 vote using Twitter in the same hour). To do this, just log out of Facebook or Twitter, close the browser (in some cases, only the window/tab where you opened the Tatt Awards page needs to be closed) and relaunch the browser, and visit the Tech Junkie section of the Tatt Awards website. It’ll ask you to log-in again to vote. So if you’re done voting using your Facebook accout, you can now vote using your Twitter account while you wait for the mandatory 1 hour ban to lapse.

UPDATE: Here’s a much easier way to vote using your different social network accounts. If you’re browser supports private browsing, open a New Incognito Window. Open the Tatt Awards voting page in this window, log-in and cast your vote the usual way. Once done, close this and open a New Incognito Window again. The difference with this method is you don’t have to worry about logging out anymore. Each time you visit the Tatt Awards page via Incognito, you’ll always have to log-in again since it won’t remember you visited the site thanks to private browsing. Easier, right?

And since it’s on a 1 vote per hour basis, you can vote multiple times within the day.

Oh, and before I forget, voting is only up until next Thursday, June 20. That’s just one week for voting.

What’s in it for you guys?

Aside from braggings rights that you’ve been with Technoodling before everyone else hopped onboard the bandwagon, we’ve got a bunch of surprises lined-up for you guys, too! Just check back soon as we’ll be making some cool announcements in the next couple of days.

So, let your voices be heard, Technoodlers! Let the voting begin!

Allan David

Allan David

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