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The Pebble App Store is finally up for iOS! (and soon for Android)

Pebble finally released Firmware Version 2.o for iOS yesterday, and with it, a brand new and free Pebble App Store.

Last week, they started shipping the new, slightly more expensive Pebble Steel hardware, essentially the old watch with brand-new and fashionable steel casings and wristbands.

Since then, people have been waiting for improvements to the firmware as well, and they released it this week, along with inaugurating an iOS-only (for now) exclusive Appstore for Pebble apps and watch faces. The Android version is in the works, according to the developers, and will be out very soon.


To get the app store, you need first to upgrade your firmware to version 2.0—a straightforward and easy process. With it comes the installation of the Pebble App Store, which brings together all the available apps and watch faces under one roof. The store appears when you click on the Pebble icon on your phone, showing for the first time a complete, centralized location for all things Pebble-related in an attractive menu-based setup.


The Store shows the status of the Pebble (if it’s connected to your iPhone or not), and features three separate pages: My Pebble, Get Watchfaces and Get Apps. It also shows a Support Page where there is a Getting Started section, an FAQ and other portions to help the first-timer out. The App section is divided into Daily, Tools & Utilities, Notifications, Remotes, Fitness and Games.


Since the Pebble watch’s tiny memory allows for only eight applications and watch faces to be installed at any one time, the app also features a “locker” where you can store and swap out unused watch faces and applications in the My Pebble portion of the store.


Firmware Version 2.0 is very picky, and it immediately rendered a couple of old applications unusable until they were updated and complied with the new firmware first. I immediately picked out a couple of new watch faces for my Pebble (Dots and Perspective), and a couple of new Apps (Foursquare and Twebble), but first I had to make sure some of my old watch faces and apps went into the Locker to chill.

The App Store is the “first open platform for sharing apps optimized for wearables”, and it’s hard to doubt that it is. All told, in practice, the app store is fast and snappy, and goes a long way towards making Pebble a formidable force in the new field of wearable tech.





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