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Tweetology: earn on the side on your website

If you have a website and it has a following, wouldn’t you like to cash in on that?

That’s exactly what web app Tweetology offers. Installed on your site, it gathers your tweets (and those of your visitors), and serves up ads that you can earn from. It’s a Twitter box, but with ads. And it’s free.

Like any third-party app, you sign up and then paste a code on your site. That’s, like, a five-minute set up, maybe less.

But why not just a comment box? Why a twitter thing on your site?

Well, when you scroll down on a page, seeing a Twitter platform is like eavesdropping — except that you can say something too. You can tweet right there (no need to log in to your Twitter on a separate page). And someone is bound to tweet back, and those who tweeted are likely to come back, in a cycle that tends to bring in more page views. Over and over, which can’t be bad.

It’s rare for a comment box to do that. And regular ads don’t help you pull in traffic the way Tweetology can.

If your site already has a following, Tweetology is a good traffic boost. And if your site is just starting, Tweetology is a good traffic starter. Comment boxes, and the email notices you get from them (if you read your email at all), are fine, but slow. There’s nothing faster, on the web, than a tweet.

If any inappropriate tweets sneak into your Twitter box, you can still remove them. And as with any HTML code that you can hang on your site, if you feel you’re not happy with Tweetology, then by all means pull that thing down.

So far, the (Ellen DeGeneres’ site),,, and other Fortune 1000 companies aren’t pulling it down from their sites.

If you’re letting your followers tweet about your site, you might as well earn on the side. All you need is your website. (And five minutes to set up.)

You can gather more details on Tweetology here.

Irwin Allen Rivera

Irwin Allen Rivera

Irwin Allen Rivera loves his wife's cooking so much he's now twice the man he used to be. He and his wife maintain, where you can read the best short fiction in English, by Filipino authors, for free. Irwin's English essay won a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature in 2012. His philosophical-horror story appears in Philippine Speculative Fiction 8 (2013). He was managing editor and lead writer of Sites and Symbols 2 (2005), a coffee-table book about buildings in UP Diliman - his alma mater (BA Philosophy; MA Creative Writing continuing). He worked at the UP Diliman Information Office before shifting to web content writing full-time. His sudden fiction, "Notwithstanding Pigs," initially a Friendster testimonial, appeared in Philippines Graphic (2006) and in Very Short Stories for Harried Readers (2007).

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    • bad_boy|

      I have yet to open a Twitter account. Call me old-school, but I think that’d require a bit too much sharing from me.

    • longgee|

      i think this will be a good start for my blogsite :) especially it has no traffic at all :P


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